Wednesday, January 19

Scared the Swedes: Vipers won their fourth straight

LEFT EDGE: Good match by Sunniva Næs Andersen in Sweden.

(Sävehof – Vipers 23-42) After a slow start to the Champions League, the Vipers have come on the winning track. Sunniva Næs Andersen scored six goals when Sävehof was beaten by 19 goals in Sweden.


The Vipers won their fourth straight victory in the Champions League and moved up to 2nd place in the group stage. Thus, Nora Mørk & co. to a very high degree about one of the two direct places in the quarterfinals this spring.

After the Champions League triumph last season, the Vipers lost Henny Reistad (Esbjerg), Heidi Løke (pregnancy), Emilie Hegh Arntzen and Malin Aune (both Bucharest).

It has taken time to replace them. It has taken time to get Isabelle Gulldén, Ana Debelic, Nerea Pena, Markéta Jerábková, Zsuzsanna Tomori and Lysa Tchaptchet into the team.

But against Sävehof in Partille Arena, Ragnhild Valle Dahl dominated the most. The westerner scored eight straight shots in goal.

– It is a player I really like, says TV3 expert Gunnar Pettersen.

EASY MATCH: Nora Mørk and Vipers decided the match in the first 13 minutes.

The Vipers started a new year in the Champions League in the very best way. Already in the 13th minute, Jana Knedlíková put in 13-3 on the Swedes.

The round did not continue as well. Vipers did not cope with Nora Mørk receiving a special wait with a stamp.

But at the break, the Vipers led by a solid 21-15. Ragnhild Valle Dahl impressed with six goals on as many shots. Right wing Knedlikova scored five. Nora Mørk did the same in the rush of goals.

Together with Katrine Lunde, she was solid back in the international arena three weeks after the World Cup gold in Spain.

Goalkeeper Lunde saved seven shots and put himself in respect. After the break, she was at her very best. She went out of the match 11 minutes before the end with a save percentage of sky-high 54.

STILL BRILLIANT: Katrine Lunde started the year brilliantly in the Champions League.

The Vipers were not as happy with the Greek referee Ioanna Christidi Ioanna Papamattheou.

– This is Champions League, Ole Gustav Gjekstad shouted to the Greek referees in the first half. The Vipers coach took a serious talk with them both on their way to the break.

Sävehof got a lesson about what the Champions League is after the break. Katrine Lunde and Vipers closed almost completely and conceded only one goal in the first 21 minutes of the round. Sweden captain Jamina Roberts was one of the players who by no means succeeds.

Vipers continue the Champions League against CSKA Moscow next Sunday. Odense helped the Vipers by stealing a point from the Russians on Sunday (27-27). Maren Aardahl followed up the World Cup success by showing that she is more than a defender. She scored six goals on six shots at home in Sydbank Arena. Malene Aambakk also scored a goal for Odense.

On Saturday, the Norwegian players dominated when Esbjerg took a strong away win against Rostov-Don in Russia. World Cup wreck Marit Malm Frafjord scored on all six of his shots, while Henny Reistad (4 goals), Kristine Breistøl (4) and Marit Røsberg Jacobsen (1) followed up on a day with 15 Norwegian goals for the Danes.

Frida Nåmå Rønning (3 goals) and Tina Abdulla (3) contributed well to Borussia Dortmund’s 32-24 victory over Podravka in Croatia.

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