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RB: Sarr claims he wants to return to Norway

Babacar Sarr has been wanted for two years. He was reported for rape in 2017, but later acquitted in court. The prosecution appealed the decision, but the case has been postponed and has not yet come to court.

Sarr is wanted all over the world because he has not appeared in the appeal case.

Breaks the silence

Now he has broken the silence Romsdals Budstikke.

– I really wanted to come back to Norway from day one to end the case. I want to come on my own, not be arrested by the police and taken to Norway. I want to travel from my own country to Norway and end this. I am not a criminal and will never be, Sarr writes to the newspaper.

– The fact that I am wanted by Interpol is not fair, I see no reason for them to do so. It affects me, of course, because it led to me losing my job in football. Until my death, I will not accept being guilty of something I have not done. I have not done anything wrong. I am not a criminal and will never be, he writes further.

This is how Elden answers

Even though Sarr was acquitted in the district court, he was sentenced to pay reparation of 150,000 kroner to Kamilla Visnes.

– It may be the worst day of my life. I read a verdict where a professional judge wanted to sentence him to prison, while two lay judges also thought there had been a rape, but that they were not sure enough. It felt like it cost 150,000 kroner to rape me. It took time before I recovered from that day, Visnes has told TV 2 earlier.

Read her story here.

Visnes’ development assistance lawyer John Christian Elden responds to TV 2 about Sarr’s proposal.

– We and the court are waiting in excitement since he ran away, but it’s nice if he comes to face the rape charge. The case is never obsolete and he is internationally wanted, Elden writes in a text message.

– Do you think he’s telling the truth?

– He promised not to run away either.

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