Wednesday, January 19

Raymond Johansen: – Must see if the infection rates are too low

– The paradox we now have to look at is whether the infection rates are too low sometimes, and whether we pull the problem ahead of us, Raymond Johansen says to TV 2.

The capital has had a stable high infection pressure in recent days. However, the city council leader in Oslo believes that omikron has changed the rules of the game and therefore advocates higher infection pressure.

– A good point

– Many say, also FHI and the Norwegian Directorate of Health, that we must expect to be infected. If the number of infections is too low and the number who are not infected is still very high, it means that we will face major challenges in the months ahead.

REVIEWS STRATEGY: Even though the infection rates are high in Oslo, the city council leader questions whether it should really be higher. Photo: Photo: Martin Berg Isaksen / TV 2

He says it may be preferable to have a higher infection rate during a period when immunity is high after the vaccines.

The director of FHI, Frode Forland, agrees that this is a good argument.

– We want to find a balance point in relation to the number of infections that does not put pressure on the health service so much, but that is a good point so far. When we have good immunity in the population, it is easier to deal with a high infection pressure.

Not worried

Johansen points out that he listens to the professional authorities.

FHI and the Norwegian Directorate of Health have long believed that we must delay the spread of omikron, in order to delay the number of admissions, and thus relieve a pressured health care system.

– We must have a health service that is able to solve this, but fortunately it is the case that the omicron virus turns out to be less dangerous, says Johansen.

– But an infection rate of over 1000s daily, does not worry you?

– No, it really does not. I feel that we have good control.

He says that the burden on the health service in Oslo is not experienced as great.

Challenging quarantine rules

Johansen also asks questions about the quarantine rules.

– It is a challenge in that many are quarantined from work, because they have been unsure of the consequences of omicrons and how dangerous it is. Until now, for safety reasons, local accounts have been quarantined.

– But, there is no doubt that when so many are infected and so many are quarantined in public health, school and business, it is affected.

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