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Porsche Taycan: Bestseller in Norway – but some buy many more

Porsche has put another solid year in Norway behind it. A total of 2,043 registered cars ended up. An beyond high number for Porsche. And also an increase of almost 19 percent, compared to last year – which also entered the history books.

Not unexpectedly, it is the electric cars that pull a lot of the load. Taycan accounts for 1,723 of the registered cars. Last year, Taycan also introduced a station wagon, Cross Turismo, which suits Norwegian buyers perfectly.

But when have customers in the US also really opened their eyes to electric cars. Not least the Porsche Taycan.


Porsche’s electric car share increased to 13.5 percent in one of the world’s largest car markets last year. Taycan contributed 9,419 of these. This is historic. Panamera, which comes with about the same body choice (sedan / station wagon) but with fossil and hybrid driveline – it is “only” sold 4,257 of.

At least as startling is the fact that Taycan sales almost surpassed 911 in 2021. The two changed order back and forth during the year – but in the end, 911 ended at the top. With 10,042 delivered cars.

However, the most popular Porsche among American buyers was the SUV Cayenne. It was sold in 17,299 copies.

So funny is Norway’s most expensive electric car

Soon, Porsche’s SUV Macan will also come as an electric car. It becomes highly relevant in both Norway and the USA.

New model this year

The Taycan family will have a new addition in 2022. That is when the station wagon Sport Turismo arrives. Compared to Cross Turismo, this has lower ground clearance, lacks off-road styling and does not have its own off-road program.

On the other hand, it is more sporty to drive – something we have checked during the launch in Los Angeles, already.

Both Taycan and Taycan Sport Turismo are available in the GTS version – which gets 598 horsepower with the overboost function.

Of course, it will be at least as interesting that the SUV Macan will be electric. But it is not expected to hit the market until 2023.

New record

However, Porsche will probably notice this in its sales, when the taxes on the more expensive electric cars are introduced. It is expected to happen as early as 2023.

The guidelines so far indicate that in the first instance there will be VAT on the part of the price that exceeds NOK 600,000. This still applies to all Porsche electric models. The entry-level model is the Taycan with rear-wheel drive – for 777,000 kroner.

The model people traditionally most associate with the Porsche - is of course the sports car 911.

The model people traditionally most associate with the Porsche – is of course the sports car 911.

In other words, it is not unlikely that many will use 2022 to secure an electric Porsche – before the taxes come.

Read the first test of the Taycan GTS here

Most to earn on …

Those who have a lot of money to spend on a car, of course, “save” the most by buying as expensive a model as possible, before the taxes are introduced.

The top model Taycan Turbo S, for example, has a starting price of NOK 1,689,900. You can easily make it two million kroner with extra equipment.

If you imagine that there will be VAT (25 percent) of 1.4 million kroner of this (ie the part of the price that is over 600,000 kroner) – such a car could be around 350,000 kroner more expensive in 2023.

Video: Here you can our video test of the new Taycan Sport Turismo:

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