Sunday, January 16

One meter of snow fell in the snowstorm in Pakistan. 22 people found dead.

At least 22 people, including ten children, have been killed in a severe snowstorm northeast of Islamabad. The Pakistani army has been deployed in the rescue operation.

Soldiers from the government hearing have been deployed in the work of bringing snow-covered motorists to the rescue in the Murree area northeast of Islamabad.

According to eyewitnesses, more than a meter of snow has fallen in the Murree area, which is a popular place for day trips from the Pakistani capital. The large masses of snow and fallen trees block roads in and out of the area, and a large number of cars are stuck and make plowing difficult.

According to the authorities, 22 people have been found dead in snow-covered cars, among them ten children. Most died of cold or carbon monoxide poisoning due to exhaust from cars trying to keep warm.

Local residents try to help by handing out woolen blankets and food to those sitting in snow in cars.

The Pakistan Meteorological Institute reports that the heavy snowfall will continue until Sunday evening.

Authorities in Punjab province have declared a state of emergency in the area and are asking people to stay away. Prime Minister Imran Khan says he is shocked by the tragedy.

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