Friday, January 28

Joins for another season – touches legend

  • Top picture: Archive photo of Remi André Taule and speaker legend Terje Bøe (84).

– I grew up hearing Terje Bøe’s voice over the facility at the Stadium for so many years. He is an unparalleled speaker legend. That I now actually touch him on the number of years as a speaker at the Stadium, I think is incredible stasis and something I feel a little proud of, says Taule to

Taule had his first season as a speaker at the Stadium in 2010, and has been the voice of the Stadium since.

In 2022, as mentioned, he will like Terje Bøe, who was a speaker at the Stadium for 13 years. This year it is 35 years since Bøe had his first appearance as a speaker.

– It was completely coincidental. I was asked to take one match, and it went very well. Then I was asked to come back, then I stayed there for 13 years. That Remi now touches my 13 years I think is great. I have many fantastic memories from my years, and I wish him good luck with the season, says Bøe, who turns 85 in May, to

The 2021 season was a difficult year for everyone who loves Brann, and it finally ended with relegation to the OBOS league. The start of the series there is at the beginning of April, while the fourth round of the cup will be played on March 12 away against YMCA.

– It was a nightmare of a season in 2021. There is no doubt about that. But everyone who is happy in this club knows that we will strike back terribly. Already in 2022. The Brann supporters will now gather and deliver fantastic support in the coming OBOS season. I’m 100% sure of that. Such is our mood. Such is our passion. And I’m really looking forward to being a part of that, says Taule.

The speaker had an accident on the ski slope on Christmas Eve, suffered several fractures and ended up in hospital. Now he is home again, and must take it easy while the injuries heal.

– I have to be ready for the start of the series. This does not go beyond my role as speaker, says Taule.

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