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Information to VG: Michelsen rejected offer from Sarpsborg 08 – will remain in KBK

THRIVES IN THE NORTHWEST COUNTRY: Christian Michelsen has become synonymous with Kristiansund Ballklubb.

SARPSBORG / OSLO (VG) Despite interest from other clubs, Kristiansund coach Christian Michelsen will, according to VG’s information, remain on Nordmøre.

Kristiansund coach Christian Michelsen (45) was strongly wanted in the job as Sarpsborg 08’s new head coach, but chose to say no to the Sarpings’ offer.

Michelsen is also said to have been one of several relevant names on the list for the vacant job at Hammarby, where the choice has fallen on Marti Cifuentes, according to Expressen.

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Instead, it was the Swede Stefan Billborn (49) who was presented as the new coach for the Sarpings on Friday.

YMCA Oslo’s Jørgen Isnes has also been in the picture as Lars Bohinen’s heir in Sarpsborg.

When asked by VG’s whether it is correct that Michelsen and Isnes have said no, sports manager Thomas Berntsen answers:

– It is true that there have been several candidates on the list, but who has said what – I will not say anything about that.

Christian Michelsen has not responded to VG’s inquiries in connection with this case.

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