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Wrong about insulation

Corona-infected people should be in isolation for at least six days. They should spend all that time in their own room as much as possible, with food delivered to their door. Outdoors, they can not move outside their own garden.

These are strong interventions. Are they proportionate?

Assistant Director of Health Espen Rostrup Nakstad explained on Dagsrevyen 4 January that «if you are isolated, you are ill or contagious, and then you will usually stay under the duvet, and there you should be».

This is obviously incorrect. Infected without symptoms never stay under the duvet. It is quite common in Norway for people with a little sore throat, a little cough and a little fever to be active in the home. Many also indulge in a breather.

Given omikron’s takeover of the virus scene, hundreds of thousands will have an asymptomatic or mild coronary course in the time ahead. The health authorities owe it to them to document that the current isolation requirements are also proportionate to them.

What is the evidence that you can not sit quietly in a nook in the living room some of the day’s hours and perhaps treat yourself to a little walk in a low-traffic area – all while keeping a good distance?

It is illegal to make the insulation unnecessarily burdensome.

Erik Nord, former senior researcher at the National Institute of Public Health, professor emeritus of health economics

A robbery of value creation along the coast

During this year’s election campaign for the Storting election, the Center Party traveled with Trygve Slagsvold Vedum, who is leading the country and the beach around. They told how important value creation in District Norway is and that the values ​​that are created in the districts will stay there and contribute to jobs, innovation and growth.

One of the first things the Center Party does in a government position with Vedum as Minister of Finance is to introduce a dramatic change in the wealth tax for family-owned salmon farming.

This will mean that great values, which instead of being used in the local community to create jobs, innovation and buy services in the local community, will now be disposed of by the Ministry of Finance.

That this has created major reactions along the coast is not surprising. I refer in this connection to protests from more than 70 mayors along the coast, most from the governing parties.

There are several factors that make this treasure special and incomprehensible. The owners of the licenses have to pay millions in taxes regardless of whether they make money or not. For example, if the salmon price is 30 kroner and not 60 kroner as now, or that there is disease in the cages, salmon must be destroyed and the cages emptied and can not be used for several years.

Limited companies avoid this type of tax, and foreign owners do not pay wealth tax at all.

We who live in District Norway are not interested in foreign players taking care of, among other things, this value creation, which can quickly become a reality when the current owners of farming licenses no longer see the opportunity to run the company due to the new tax regime.

The undersigned and many with me are looking forward to an answer as to whether the Center Party is comfortable with the mentioned special tax for family-owned salmon farming which entails robbery of the value creation that takes place in the coastal municipalities.

Arild Barøy, Lødingen

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