Friday, January 28

Hoksrud about bar handling: – I get really pissed

PROVOCATED: Bård Hoksrud (Frp) does not find himself in the government’s handling of the bar stop.

Bård Hoksrud (Frp) reacts to what he believes are completely divergent signals from the government about a national ban on drinking.

Minister of Finance Trygve Slagsvold Vedum told Dagbladet today that he will abolish the national liquor ban – as long as there is no strong professional advice that advises against it.

– If there is no heavy professional advice that advises against it, then we must relax the drinking stop this week. The norm must be to have as open a society as possible. The goal is open cranes, says the Minister of Finance to Dagbladet.

He does this for a few days if the governing parties voted no to a proposal in the Storting to abolish the drinking ban.

– Provoked

This makes FRP’s parliamentary representative Bård Hoksrud look red.

– I get really pissed, and really provoked. The government is giving vastly different signals to an industry they themselves have thrown into deep water and left to themselves. Many of the companies have already collapsed, says Hoksrud, who is the health policy spokesperson in Frp.

He thinks one can wonder if Vedum has forgotten that he is no longer an opposition politician.

– The government’s handling of the bar stop looks like a home-alone party, where it is badly needed for some adults to come and clean up. Now we must get clarity: Had they already received professional advice to open up the bar, when they voted against it in the Storting?

Hoksrud points out that the Center Party in the Storting defended the bar stop, and believes the party leader – who he refers to as “Vingle-Vedum” now gives completely different signals.

– We have received completely different signals from different ministers. The Minister of Health has defended the drinking ban, while Støre suddenly announces that there will be some relief before suddenly the Minister of Finance of all in the government now announces that the drinking ban will be lifted. Who really decides here?

NOT SUSTAINABLE: Conservative Tone Trøen reacts strongly to the government’s performance when it comes to drinking.

– Hard to understand

The leader of the Storting’s health committee, Tone Trøen (H), also reacts strongly to the way the government acts in this matter.

– Now it is starting to become difficult to understand and keep up with the government’s communication. Have they already received professional advice that the liquor ban should be lifted, since ministers go out and give such signals? asks Trøen.

If there has been such professional advice, she reminds that the Minister of Health promised that they should make changes as soon as possible. If not, she believes Vedum and the government must be careful about creating expectations.

– This way of communicating is confusing for those affected, and simply not sustainable. This is about security and predictability for the workplaces in a huge industry where many are now laid off.

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