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Henrik Borg about his girlfriend: – I was sure she would die

FEELING BETTER: Lisa Anckarman and Henrik Elvejord Borg say that they experienced a dramatic day in Thailand. Now the Swedish influencer is on the road to recovery.

“Ex on the Beach” profile Henrik Elvejord Borg and his fiancée open up about the drama that unfolded when she had frightening symptoms in Thailand at Christmas.


Henrik Borg, who became famous after he participated in “Ex on the Beach” and the Swedish fiancé, influencer Lisa Anckarman, left the cold winter in Sweden in November against the heat and sun in Thailand.

They have bought a house on the island of Ko Lanta. But the idyll ended abruptly.

– Christmas and New Year have been completely brutal really, says Borg to VG on the phone from Thailand.

During breakfast on December 22, Anckarman says she has lost sight in one eye.

– She said the point of view was completely black and we thought it was not completely good, says Borg.

They decided to go home and then got on the scooter to drive to the emergency room. But during the scooter ride, Anckarman begins to lose consciousness, says Borg.

SCARY: Anckarman also tells VG that she thought she was going to die.


– We do not drive far before she starts saying words that do not exist, she starts babbling. For example, she says “guard” when she should actually say “faster”, whereupon she gradually begins to lose consciousness on the scooter.

Borg steers the scooter with one hand and has to hold on to his girlfriend with the other. Arriving at the emergency room, she loses consciousness several times, he explains.

– When you see your girlfriend you have lost her ability to speak and consciousness … I was sure she was going to die. Feeling that grief was just damn good.

At the emergency room, they were sent by ambulance to the nearest hospital two and a half hours away, says Elvejord Borg.

– That trip was way too damn, I had to sit in the front seat and had no control over what happened behind there. It was just completely surreal.

He adds:

– We do not understand what they say, how far we are going or what it could be.


At the hospital, Anckarman took several tests, including MRI.

TESTS: The hospital in Thailand took several tests of Anckarman after she experienced the frightening symptoms.

– At first we were afraid that it was a stroke, says Anckarman to VG – and adds that she also experienced that half her face was numb.

Borg adds:

– The symptoms there were grotesque to witness. But they concluded that it is stress over a long period of time that has triggered a panic reaction in the body.

Anckarman says that the doctors told her to take it easy in the future.

– We are very happy that there was nothing with the brain. I thought I was going to die, she says.

She is grateful that she has received a warning.

– I’m happy, also for this adversity. That means I have to change things into something that will be good for me, she says.

In recent weeks, she has been bedridden while her fiancé Borg has taken care of the influencer’s many tasks.

REST: Since the dramatic event, Anckarman has spent time resting. Borg has taken responsibility for the influencer’s many agreements in recent weeks.

– I suddenly became project manager for a Swedish film crew, all the collaborations Lisa has to do and I had to keep in touch with employees in Sweden, says Borg.

Season two of their reality series has also been cut from six to three episodes due to the incident.

– It feels wonderful that there is so much time for the wedding – so I get time to rest, Anckarman concludes.

The couple got together in April 2020. In October of the same year, Borg got engaged and got yes.

They are getting married on May 28 this year.

In the video below, the engaged couple reveals the price of the engagement ring:

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