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Elden skeptical of Sarr’s wish to return: – Think so when we see it

Babacar Sarr (30) has been wanted for over two years. He now claims to Romsdals Budstikke that he himself will be able to end the appeal case by returning to Norway – without convincing his opponent John Christian Elden.

WANTED: Babacar Sarr claims that he will travel to Norway on his own.

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It emerges in a case in Romsdals Budstikke Sunday.

– I really wanted to come back to Norway from day one to end the case. I want to come on my own, not be arrested by the police and taken to Norway. I want to travel from my own country to Norway and end this. I am not a criminal and will never be, Sarr writes to the newspaper.

Sarr stayed in 2017 reported for rape by Kamilla Visnes. When the case was heard in Romsdal District Court in 2018, Sarr was acquitted – but was also sentenced to pay 150,000 kroner in reparation to Visnes.

The prosecution appealed the acquittal of Sarr, but the appeal case has so far been postponed and has not been processed in court. According to the prosecuting authorities, the postponements came as a result of Sarr not attending the negotiations, and later he was wanted internationally through Interpol.

Visnes’ assistance lawyer, Johan Christian Elden, is also not holding his breath.

– We believe it when we see it. He promised it to the police before fleeing to Russia and later Saudi Arabia as well. But that he must stand trial for the rape charge is positive. The relationship never gets older, Elden writes in an SMS to VG.

ASSISTANCE LAWYER: John Christian Elden represents Kamilla Visnes.

Kamilla Visnes herself tells RB that she has “zero faith” that Sarr will return to Norway. Sarr’s lawyer, Mette Yvonne Larsen, tells the newspaper that she does not know that Sarr wants to return to Norway for the appeal of the case.

VG has been in contact with Larsen, who says she has no further comments than what she has said to RB.

Molde and Sarr agreed to terminate the contract in January 2019, and later that year he became ready for the Russian club Yenisei Krasnoyarsk, and later Damac in Saudi Arabia.

The former Molde player claims that he has not escaped from the trials, but that he signed for the clubs to have a club to play for.

Sarr tells Romsdals Budstikke that he was ready to appear in the first trial, when he played in Russia.

– In the end, it was postponed because Sonni (Nattestad) could not come. The second time they asked me to appear in court, my lawyer (Mette Yvonne Larsen) could not be there. The third time I was in Senegal and my visa had expired. That is the reason, Sarr claims.

Nattestad, who in the New Year was presented and then canceled as Jerv signing, claims for his part that he did what he could to testify.

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