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China’s ambassador buries realities in a confused nebula

  • Magnus Krogstad Bauer

    Leader, Norwegian-Taiwanese Friendship Association

  • Merethe Lind Jodalen

    General Manager, Norwegian Tibet Committee

  • Adiljan Abdurihim

    Secretary, The Norwegian Uighur Committee

  • Arne Melsom

    Deputy Chairman, Hong Kong Committee in Norway

Representatives from four organizations working with human rights and democracy in China, Yi Xianliang, China’s ambassador to Norway (the picture) answers.

Today’s abuses are not justified by the ruthlessness of colonial powers 150 years ago.

This is a debate post. Opinions in the text are at the writer’s expense.

European colonialism in the 19th century brought death and depravity from the Belgian Congo to China. Internal strife led to Taipingopprøret, in which 20-30 million Chinese died.

But today’s abuses are not justified by the ruthlessness of colonial powers 150 years ago.

In his column in Aftenposten on December 29, Yi Xianliang, China’s ambassador to Norway, conveniently omits to mention The big leap: During the catastrophic experiment starved between 30 and 40 million people in death. Millions were killed and tortured, and many were driven to suicide.

Peace and coexistence

“Peaceful coexistence is worth its weight in gold,” the ambassador wrote. It is a view shared by the people of the de facto nation Taiwan. But the ambassador’s clients in Beijing have nothing left for public opinion i Taiwan.

China has built the world’s largest military fleet and now sends routinely military aircraft into Taiwan’s air defense zone. The authorities in the People’s Republic only show contempt for the will of the people in Taiwan. The result could be an armed invasion with the loss of tens of thousands of lives.

China’s ambitions in the South China Sea show the authorities’ contempt for peaceful coexistence: China does requirements on areas within other countries’ economic zones. Protests from neighboring countries have led to one judgment against China in the Court of Disputes in The Hague.


The ambassador claims that China’s development is not the result of colonization. The reality is that occupied territories are of great importance for development.

From Inner Mongolia, China derives more than half of its production rare earths. This is an essential resource for solar cells and batteries.

In Tibet, Beijing controls the world’s most important fresh water source. From Eastern Turkestan (Xinjiang) comes 85 percent of all cotton in China. The country’s huge textile industry cannot do without this production. Many other important raw materials, such as gold, coal and oil, are produced and extracted in these areas.

A diverse, democratic China

In the eyes of the dictatorship, the occupied territories are part of an indivisible China. This brings us to the outrageous claim of protection of diversity.

In Inner Mongolia is displaced Mongolian of Chinese in teaching. In Tibet is 800,000 children removed from their homes. They must be indoctrinated in state-controlled boarding schools. One tribunal led by prosecutor from the case against Yugoslavia’s former president Slobodan Milošević recently ruled that Chinese authorities commit genocide against Uighurs. The unification is brutal and all-encompassing.

Beijing is developing democracy in a unique way, writes Yi.

In China, neither the executive nor the legislature are held accountable in free elections. In Hong Kong, elected representatives are appointed pro-democracy supporters in prison. The judiciary in China acquits i av 1000 accused. A sand-spreading body for the plaintiff’s claim. There is no free press. The Internet is censored.

The concept fog

“Freedom is bondage” is one of the slogans Ministry of Truth in the author George Orwell’s book «1984».

In Yi’s Chronicle: Aggression is coexistence. Unification is diversity. Dictatorship is democracy.

An Orwellian conceptual fog with the characteristics of the Communist Party.

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