Sunday, January 16

Breach of parts of the internet connection to Svalbard

The error occurred on Friday morning, writes Space Norway, which owns the connection between Svalbard and Harstad.

– There is a good connection on the other connection, but there is no redundancy in the communication between Svalbard and the mainland, the company writes.

There has been a troubleshooting for the problem since Friday morning, and the same evening an error was discovered on the power supply between 130 and 230 kilometers from Longyearbyen.

There, the cable runs from relatively shallow to very deep water, and to repair the damage, a larger, sea-going cable-laying vessel must be obtained.

– How the damage has occurred is not clarified, but this is being investigated further, writes Space Norway.

Minister of Justice and Emergency Management Emilie Enger Mehl (Sp) says in one press release that she is informed about the situation. Her ministry is responsible for Svalbard.

– The Ministry of Justice and Emergency Preparedness is following the situation and is kept continuously informed about the work with troubleshooting via the Ministry of Trade and Industry, which owns Space Norway. The ministry also has ongoing contact with the Governor of Svalbard, says Enger Mehl.

On Sunday, the Minister of Justice will travel to Svalbard together with Minister of Trade and Industry Jan Christian Vestre (Labor Party) to meet a number of actors.

The ministers will, among other things, meet tourism and business actors, the local board, the governor, Store Norske, LNS Spitsbergen and UniS.

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