Friday, January 28

Warns against very slippery roads – more accidents

Slippery roads and snow offer problems in several places in southern and eastern Norway on Friday. In Oslo, five cars were involved in an accident. One person is injured.

– One person is injured. He had pain in his legs and was transported to the Oslo emergency room, says operations manager Lina Odden in Oslo to NTB.,

The cause of the accident is inattention to the vehicle in front, and it has ended in a chain collision, Oslo police write on Twitter.

Østre Aker vei was closed for a period when the police worked to salvage cars and litter, but it has now been reopened.

Oslo 110 Central writes on Twitter that the five cars involved in the accident have run into each other from behind.

Slippery roads and large amounts of snow

Slippery roads are reported in Sørlandet and parts of Østlandet. On Twitter, the Oslo Police District encourages everyone in Oslo, Asker and Bærum who must drive a car to drive according to the conditions.

– If you can leave the car today, it is recommended, they write.

The Agder police ask people who are going to drive out to follow the websites of the Norwegian Public Roads Administration for road reports.

The photo was taken at Østerholtheia in Gjerstad municipality in Agder. It has snowed and is slippery on the roads in Agder, among other places. The police ask motorists to plan well in advance and are happy to leave the car.

– Both Vegtrafikksentralen and our patrols report a lot of slippery roads in the entire district. It is strongly encouraged to adapt the speed to the conditions, they write on Twitter on Friday.

The precipitation in the south of the country started as snow, but turned to rain along the coast. At the same time it is snowing inland. It is especially freezing rain along the coast that is reported to be the big challenge, says Roger Evensen in the Agder police.

Challenging driving conditions

In a Twitter message, Vegtrafikksentralen south reports challenging driving conditions.

– Along the coast of Agder, there has been freezing rain on the ground. In the upper parts of Agder, old Buskerud, Vestfold and Telemark there is snow on the roads.

They encourage people to show consideration for plow crews and other drivers.

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