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The weekend weather is calm before the storm: – It takes off completely

On Friday morning, several people in southern Norway woke up to snow and slippery roads. In both southern and eastern Norway, the showers also continue beyond Friday, before it eventually eases into the weekend.

Further north in the country, from Trøndelag and further north, it is easier weather on Friday. There, residents can expect the best weather of the weekend.

– Nordland gets a lot of nice weather, while Trøndelag and the rest of southern Norway get a little changing cloud cover, says meteorologist in Storm, Ina Ynnesdal.

There does not appear to be much rainfall for some parts of the country on Saturday, with the exception of the outer areas in Troms and Finnmark, and in the far north of Nordland. In Eastern Norway, there is only areas in the border areas with Sweden that there will be precipitation.

The snow falls in Bjørvika in Oslo and presents challenges in traffic. Photo: Frode Sunde / TV 2

Wins the weekend weather

Otherwise it will be mostly partly cloudy, but stay in the south of the country, and more sun in the north of the country. Nor does the temperature stick sticks in the wheels for the winter weather.

– It will stay fairly even in temperature. Oslo and Trondheim get up to five degrees below zero, says Ynnesdal.

Bergen, on the other hand, gets temperatures on Saturday, but can expect lower temperatures with the sun on Sunday. This is when the weekend is rounded off with sunbeams and clear weather both in the west and north.

– Nordland gets the best weather overall this weekend, but it will also be quite good in Vestland, says the Storm meteorologist.

For southern and eastern Norway, it will be mostly cloudy, but with opportunities for periods of sunshine towards the end of the weekend on Sunday.

A nice morning in the Canadian forest in Bergen.  Photo: Ingrid Wollberg / TV 2

A nice morning in the Canadian forest in Bergen. Photo: Ingrid Wollberg / TV 2

– Takes off completely

After the weekend, however, the fun is over, according to the meteorologist. Despite a fairly sunny and calm weekend, this year’s second week offers capricious weather.

– It will be a relatively calm weekend without much precipitation, but then it takes off completely on Monday, says Ynnesdal.

– Monday next week starts with proper rough weather.

The week begins with large amounts of wind and precipitation, especially in the west and north of the country.

A strong low pressure gives a lot of precipitation in Nordland, and increasing winds, probably storms, take over both Nordland and the coast in Western Norway.

– It’s just a matter of getting ready for proper inclement weather, says Ynnesdal.


Eastern Norway, Troms and Finnmark will probably get away cheaper, but here too you can feel the wind.

At the same time, temperatures rise throughout the week, and the weather can become unusually hot. It will increase the risk of landslides in snow-filled areas.

Many places in the country have good snow and skiing opportunities, but the meteorologist warns those who have planned a trip.

– There is already a landslide danger level two in the south and three in the north. It will probably increase when we get milder weather into Monday, so you have to be aware of that, she says.

SNOW: In several places in the country there are skiing opportunities now.  Photo: Truls Aagedal / TV 2

SNOW: In several places in the country there are skiing opportunities now. Photo: Truls Aagedal / TV 2

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