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The United boss admits dissatisfaction among the players

PART OF THE PROBLEM OR PART OF THE SOLUTION? Cristiano Ronaldo has received both praise and criticism this season.

Ole Gunnar Solskjær heir Ralf Rangnick (63) says that profiles will leave the club this summer. Former big players like Gary Neville (46) and Paul Ince (54) think something is fundamentally wrong.

– We have a large squad. We have 12-14 players who do not play or are in the squad. That those players are not happy with the situation, it is obvious, Rangnick says at Friday’s press conference.

He also acknowledged that there are players on outgoing contracts who probably want to leave the club for the summer. Paul Pogba (28) is among the profiles associated with the club for just a few more months.

Recently, there have also been several reports in the English media about internal strife and various groupings in the player group. Solskjær was fired as Manchester United manager on 21 November. Since then, the team has played nine games. Five of them have been won. German Rangnick has led the red shirts the last six matches. The result is three wins, two draws and one loss.

Last weekend, Manchester United went off the field with 0-1 at home to Wolverhampton. In the Premier League, the team is in 7th place and has 22 points up to leading city rival City. Former United player and current Sky Sports expert Gary Neville believes the squad is characterized by disharmony.

– Something is not right. I do not know what it is, but it’s definitely something going on. They are on each other and no one is helping each other. Team spirit is very important, and I do not think they stand together as it is now, stated Neville recently.

Paul Ince played over 200 games for United from 1989 to 1995. The man who gave himself the nickname “The Guv’nor” and demanded enormous respect from his surroundings, believes something is fundamentally wrong in the club.

– I do not know if this job has a curse on it. It is the biggest job in the world in the biggest club on the planet, but it is as if it is poisoned, says Ince, according to Sky Sports.

TV 2 expert Erik Thorstvedt (59) has, among other things, 97 A-national matches for Norway and eight Premier League seasons for Tottenham on his CV. He believes the temporary employment of Rangnick as a solution out of season contributes to the problems.

– There is no doubt that Rangnick is an incredibly football-competent person, but as the employment is now, it is a strange case. United have a coach who will be out for the season and then move on to a consulting role. At the same time, this is a trial period for Rangnick where he can become a permanent solution as well. What does it do with the work of getting a permanent coach in place for the summer? Everything hangs a bit in limbo, says Thorstvedt to VG.

– Nobody knows which direction the club will take. When will they get a permanent manager in place and who will it be? United is an intermediate stage club. And if Rangnick is to be there for the summer, it is he who has to adapt to the player material, not the other way around.

– How will United find a way out of the problems?

– This spring has many question marks, but with a good employment for the summer, they can quickly get back on their feet. There are many things that are very good with Manchester United, but they have to manage 4th place. If not, it is an unfortunate situation, if not a crisis, says Thorstvedt.

CRITICAL: Gary Neville does not like what he sees of the old club.

Paul Ince, for his part, has no faith that Rangnick is the man who will lead United to success. He sees no progress after Solskjær left the job and the 63-year-old took over.

– To be completely honest, I say no.

– It reminds me of when Ole took over Manchester United and they had a simple match program with Cardiff and such teams. I think we were all dazzled by the progress they made. I get the same feeling now, Ince thinks.

CRITICAL: Paul Ince is not impressed by United.

After the 0-1 loss to Wolverhampton, Rangnick gave an honest assessment of the team’s performance. He saw nothing positive.

– The performance was as disappointing as the result. We did not play well at all. We are very disappointed, Rangnick said.

United’s German manager thought the team was technical, tactical, individual and collective. And it was hard to disagree with him.

Marseille’s Boubacar Kamara and Wolverhampton’s Ruben Neves have been mentioned as possible new signings in January, but it seems that United’s problems are about more than player material.

IN THE SEARCH: It is already being questioned whether Ralf Rangnick is the right man for Manchester United, after only six games as manager.

Former English national team player Trevor Sinclair (48), who himself appeared for Manchester City, among others, believes the signing of Cristiano Ronaldo (36) is one of the team’s big problems. On the radio program Talksport, he recently claimed that other players suffer from Ronaldo’s demanding presence.

– Keep your mouth shut, because sometimes it’s the best thing to do, is Sinclair’s encouragement.

Ronaldo has responded to criticism several times earlier in his career, and did so again in October.

– My role in the club is to help the team to win and score goals.

– When people do not want to see it, it is because they do not like me, but to be honest, I am 36 years old and I have won everything. Am I going to be worried about people speaking negatively about me? I sleep well at night. I go to bed with a clear conscience. Keep it up, because I still want to shut up and win things.

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