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The right demands that you get more power support

IN OPPOSITION: The Conservative Party’s fiscal policy spokesperson, Tina Bru, says that more stocking money for people is not an attempt by the Conservative Party to pursue a policy of bidding to overthrow the Støre government.

The Conservatives demand that the Støre government take a larger share of your electricity bill. And the unemployed, laid off and people on work clearance money will get an extra thousand kroner.

– The government’s electricity package is not good enough: It is far too bad both for those with the worst advice and for ordinary people, says Tina Bru, the Conservatives’ fiscal policy spokesperson and second deputy to VG.

She says that many people discovered, when the electricity bill came in December, that there was not much the state took from the bill.

– I think people are surprised at how little the government’s power pack actually make up. Many thought it would cost more than it actually does. Therefore, the Conservatives will present a power package 2.0. which provides even better help than what the government presented in December, she says.

Higher percentage

Before Christmas last year, the Støre government presented an electricity package after electricity prices skyrocketed. The main grip was that the state takes the bill for 55 percent of the price over 70 øre per kilowatt hour.

– When you now have to strengthen the power package, will the percentage continue upwards, to, for example, 60, 65 or 70 percent?

– The details are not clear, but these are the things we look at; higher proportion and different impact points.

– When will you submit your specific proposals?

– It will happen quickly. We are sitting right now looking at how we can strengthen the power package.

– How are you going to cover the increased costs of the additions?

– The state benefits massively from the high prices, so there should be no problem. The money will go back to those who pay the high price that the state earns.

– Comes in handy

She says that they will also give an extra helping hand to the most vulnerable groups.

– We propose to give 1000 kroner to the unemployed, laid off and those on work clearance money.

– Every month or a one-time payment?

– It is a one-time payment to give an extra hand to those who are in an extra stressful situation. A thousand bucks on top of a reinforced power scheme, comes in handy.

– Is it not just symbolic politics that does not matter so much?

– It will not cost a fortune, but it will come on top of the measures that have already been introduced and the strengthened schemes for which we will hopefully have an impact.

WET: It rained this summer when the then Minister of Petroleum and Energy Tina Bru and the then Prime Minister Erna Solberg danced during a DDE concert on Tromøya. It did too little last year, which has contributed to the sky-high electricity prices.

She points out, among other things, that those with housing benefit receive extra electricity support.

– The Storting is considering right now a proposal from the government to extend the housing allowance for January to March. It is in the processing of the case that we will propose the extra thousand kroner.

The Conservatives also put forward that proposal in December, without getting a majority.

– I will be quite disappointed if this does not get a majority now, says Bru.

– Sincerely concerned

She claims the proposals are not part of a new and populist policy from the Conservatives in opposition.

– The main reason why we must strengthen the electricity package is not an attempt by the Conservatives to pursue a policy of overbid to deliver more than the government does: I am sincerely concerned about the confidence in our entire system, she says and points out that the prevailing energy policy has served Norway and Norwegian consumers well, says Bru and adds:

– People must experience that we show up when we are in a completely exceptional situation. Otherwise, people’s trust will be weakened, both for us politicians and for an energy system that has been good and that has served us well for many years.

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She says that in order to save time, they will be based on the package that is already there.

– Yes, the money must go out and then it is appropriate to take as a starting point to strengthen the scheme that has already been used.

The Prime Minister’s office has been sent Brus’ statements, but has not yet had time to respond.

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