Friday, January 28

The corona pandemic has shown: The small droplets in the air are most contagious

Omikron appears to be contagious in the same way as the other virus variants, although the virus is more contagious. Small, floating droplets are transmitted when there is close contact between people.

The blue dots are droplet infection. There, the so-called microbes usually fall to the ground or on surfaces within 1-2 meters of the infected person. The red dots are aerosol infestation. Here the microbes can stay in the air for a longer time and can be transmitted to others over a distance of several meters before they fall to the ground.

– It is the tiny, floating drops right outside the mouth of the patient that are most important, says Bjørn Gunnar Iversen at FHI.

He is a doctor and epidemiologist (expert on public health) and works at the Department of Infection Control and Emergency Preparedness.

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