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Police about the Tolga abduction: – Suggests that there may be more involved

ELVERUM / OSLO (VG) A third man in his 20s has now been remanded in custody for four weeks for the abduction on Tolga, the police say.


There are now three men in their 20s who have been remanded in custody for the abduction of another man on Tolga on the night of 2 January.

The imprisonment on Friday went as an office business in Østre Innlandet district court, and ended with a man in his 20s being imprisoned for four weeks with a media and visit ban.

For the first few weeks, the person in question has been placed in isolation.

The three accused men are all charged with complicity in deprivation of liberty, and they are affiliated with the same city in Eastern Norway. As far as VG knows, none of them have been convicted of similar crimes before.

– The investigation will continue in full force, there is still information in the case that indicates that there may be more involved, says police attorney Vibeke Stolpe Ekeland during a press conference on Friday.

– We are investigating the case with the information we have which may indicate that there are more involved. We can not rule out more arrests, but when it will happen it is difficult to say anything about. It depends on the investigation, she says.

Was wanted

The third man charged with the abduction of a 20-year-old in Tolga on Sunday night, was arrested on Thursday at 17.45.

The police previously stated that he was charged and wanted. The person in question has been in the police spotlight for several days, VG is informed.

– He reported to the police with his defender. He has not been questioned yet, says Stolpe Ekeland.

On Thursday, the man’s defender Lars Mathias Undheim told NRK that his client reported himself to the police. The man in his 20s who was remanded in custody on Friday has previously been convicted, and in June last year he was sentenced to 45 days probation for possession of 190 grams of hashish and an MDMA tablet.

In 2020, he was sentenced to 25 days in prison and a fine of 12,000 kroner for driving under the influence of drugs and for using hashish or marijuana.

He was also deprived of his driving license. In 2015, he was convicted of a similar offense.

The first arrest in the case took place on Tuesday night. Then a man in his 20s reported to the police and admitted his involvement in the kidnapping of the man of the same age.

He is said to have signed up because he had empathy with the victims, and because he wanted to finish the case as soon as possible. On Wednesday, he was remanded in custody for four weeks.

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Arrested at work

Another man in his 20s was arrested on Wednesday at his workplace in Oslo, which he describes as a difficult experience:

– It was a great strain when the police arrested me inside the office in front of all my colleagues and put me in a bad light, the man said during the prison meeting on Thursday.

He does not admit guilt, and has explained to the police that he has no involvement with the abduction case.

The man was remanded in custody for four weeks on Thursday with solitary confinement for the first two weeks and restrictions throughout the period.

The man’s defender Andreas Ihlebæk tells VG that they will consider appealing the imprisonment on Friday.

– He has nothing to do with what happened up in Tolga, he is sparklingly clear about it, says Ihlebæk.

According to VG’s information, the man has previously been convicted of, among other things, possession and sale of drugs, theft and violation of the Firearms Act.

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Ended up in fields with rented car

The getaway car that was probably used by the perpetrators to transport the abducted man ended up in a potato field near Koppang in Stor-Elvdal.

That car, a Toyota RAV 4, was rented through the Bilkollektivet service, which requires a bank ID to rent and has GPS tracking in their cars.

– Car rental is not anonymous, it is quite the opposite. We have such good tracking and control on identification and cars that it should be well done to get better, has Morten Munch-Olsen at Bilkollektivet previously told VG.

OFF THE ROAD: The probable getaway car, a Toyota RAV 4, ended up on this field after a descent at Koppang.

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