Monday, January 17

Now there will finally be dream conditions in the field

The heavy snow on Friday gives the season’s best skiing in Nordmarka so far this weekend. The weather will be gray.

This ski season has been characterized by minimal precipitation in the form of snow in eastern Norway, and even in the high mountains in large parts of southern Norway.

Among other things, it has presented problems for those who want to go on long walks in the forests around Oslo.

– It’s snowing like just this now, says ski enthusiast Hans Biong Nilsen as we get hold of him on the phone at 2 pm on Friday, in the middle of the small lake Ølja furthest north in Nordmarka.

On Wednesday, just before sunset, he filmed the video from the slopes on the same water.

– It is about to become a dream relationship here now, finally, he says.

This is what it looked like at Krokskogen on 5 January.

Trine Rom Giving, head of communications at the Ski Association, is looking forward to all the precipitation that is now finally coming.

– How are the conditions now?

– I want to say they are nice. It has been quite stylish that already on Christmas Eve we had skiing in all areas of the field, she answers.

Skiing is best in areas where there is a large forest road network.

– Where there is an even and firm surface, which freezes earlier. The terrain trails need more snow and cold. Now there have been long periods of cold. Then we can prepare these trails, Giving explains.

– That’s why we are very happy for the snow that is coming today! It looks like it will be a great ski weekend, she adds.

Frost on the trail signs in Nordmarka 6 January.

Best conditions in the vicinity of Oslo

The good news is also that so far this season there is actually more snow and better conditions near the city, than in the far north of Nordmarka, which has traditionally been more snow-sure.

For example, the trail bases around Myllavannet are still waiting for enough snow for the trail machine to be used to create proper, wide trails. So far, they have only ridden trails with snowmobiles, it is stated on the Facebook page of Mylla trail association.

The ski association recommends checking the pre-registration before setting out on a trip on the association’s overview of the trail network.

Here is a full update on everything that has been done on the slopes in the last days and hours.

The trails are color coded according to when things have been done. For example, when a trail is green, the trail bases have done something very recent. Then you can read in the driver’s message exactly what has been done.

– But even if a trail is not green, it can still be nice. If, for example, a runner is doing well, you do not need to prepare it – if it has stayed cold and there has been little rainfall, she explains.

Vesle Sandungen 6 January.

It is especially advisable to check the status of the trail preparation immediately after heavy snowfall. And right now we do not recommend embarking on trips that include long stretches along forest trails. There is simply not enough snow for the trail crews to have left a proper trail yet.

Where should you aim for a ski trip this weekend? Here is the advice from Giving in the Ski Association:

  • We can, for example, highlight Sollihøgda on Krokskogen. You get here by bus or car, and can choose between several nice trails inland in Marka, for example to Sørsetra.
  • From Skansebakken in Sørkedalen there are also great conditions. You get here by bus or car.
  • Frognerseteren and Sognsvann, which are prepared by the Urban Environment Agency, are good starting points for short and longer trips, and easy to get to by metro.
  • You can also go a little further north, towards for example Mylla, Svartbekken or Romeriksåsene.

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