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Now comes the monster bill: This is how the power support works in practice

After the sweetness of Christmas, the hour of settlement is approaching – now you have to pay for how many kilowatt hours you spent in December. This is how the power support works in practice.


Those who receive both grid rent and electricity on the same invoice, so-called through invoicing, receive it as a deduction on the bill. While those who do not have this, get two invoices – one from the grid company and one from the power company.

– The support scheme will usually cover the grid rent. If you have additional money to spare, they will be paid into your account, says communications manager Morten Schau in Elvia, which is Norway’s largest network company with 950,000 customers.

Any payment is made 20 days after the invoice date from the network provider.

But the vast majority will get the power support as a deduction on the bill from the power supplier.

The electricity subsidy means that the state covers 55 per cent of the part of the electricity price that is over 70 øre per kilowatt hour. The amount the customer is entitled to is automatically deducted from the grid rent.

– What happens if you are unable to pay the bill?

– Then you must contact the person who sent the invoice and try to reach an arrangement. We only invoice the grid rent, the big bills are sent from the power supplier, says Schau.

POWER SUPPORT: This is what the attachment to the bill can look like if you have so-called through invoicing. This means that you receive a total invoice from your electricity supplier. The 519 kroner will be deducted from the power supplier’s total invoice.

– Do not wait

Fjordkraft states that the December bill will be sent out in mid-January, due at the end of the month.

We have not had more inquiries about payment deferral and repayment plans than is normal for the season, but it may come later, says communications director Jeanne Tjomsland.

She encourages people to get in touch if they have payment problems.

– Do not wait until the bill falls due. If you just want to defer payment, you can do so via my page or our app. If you want a longer repayment plan, we can do it for up to one year, but that presupposes that you get in touch, says Tjomsland and adds that customers who are not so computer savvy can of course call.

Schau in Elvia reassures that you will not be without electricity this winter anyway, even if you are not able to pay the bill that is now dumping into the online bank.

– Do you turn off the power if you do not pay?

– Not in the winter months. And we do not close at the request of the power supplier, says Schau and points out that all grid companies are required to deliver by Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE).

This is intended as a temporary power supply until you have chosen an agreement with an optional power supplier. Since it is intended as a temporary solution, it will normally be more expensive.

Raw cheap power: In this municipality, the inhabitants never pay more than 21 øre kWh

– At least 62 days

– When the customer ends up on a waiting tariff with us and does not make up for it, a closing race begins from the invoice due. You will receive reminders, as well as collection and closing notices and it will take at least 62 days after due date before we turn off the power, says Schau.

The newcomer Tibber is a company that does not invoice thoroughly, so here you get two invoices – one from the network company that delivers the power to the door and one from Tibber.

The company says that they have paid for the energy that the customer uses up to 45 days before they again get paid from the customer.

– Some suppliers are owned by large companies that also have energy production in the mix, thus they also earn extremely well on the current energy prices and can therefore offer the customer to split their electricity bills. As we do not have these profits, it is limited how flexible we can be with our payment terms, Tibber’s press contact Eunice Aguilar Helge writes in an e-mail.

Tibber does not want to disclose how many customers they have in Norway, but has a total of 300,000 customers in Norway, Sweden and Germany.

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