Wednesday, January 19

End of «Rådebank»

TV GANG: This picture is from the first season.

The upcoming season of the NRK series will be the last.


This is confirmed by series creator Linn-Jeanethe Kyed (41) opposite Friday morning.

She admits that it feels sad, but that it feels right.

– I have become terribly fond of the characters, the universe and to be completely honest – in the robbery environment in Bø, says Kyed, who himself has a background from the robbery environment (at Ulefoss).

– For every scene I have written, I have known that now we are soon finished forever. The actors have also known this, so they have also felt it. It was quite tearful when we recorded the very last scene in Bø this summer, she says

The third and final season of the award-winning youth series premieres on 20 January.

When Kyed and director Daniel Fahre (30) started work four years ago, it must have always been with three seasons in mind.

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