Friday, January 28

Demanding driving conditions: School bus overturned

Precipitation through the night and morning settles as snow and ice in the roadway in southern Norway. In Overhalla, a school bus has run off the road and overturned.


There has been precipitation in southern Norway through the night and throughout the day it continues and snow. Over large parts of the south and east, it creates difficult driving conditions.

In vulnerable areas, Veitrafikksentralen believes it may be wise to leave the car.

At half past one on Friday, the police in Trøndelag reported that a school bus had run off the road in Svalivegen in Overhalla. According to Namdalsavisa both children and adults were on the bus when the accident happened, but no one was seriously injured. ‘

– We have only been notified that a person has pain in one foot after the descent. There is no question of serious personal injury – fortunately, says the police operations manager to the newspaper.

Everyone got out of the bus quickly, and according to the operations manager was driven to a home near where the rollover took place.

– Drive according to the conditions

This afternoon it continues to snow in large parts of Eastern Norway.

– Can not say anywhere is worst. It’s bad all over, says Mette Brune’s traffic operator in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration East.

She encourages people to drive according to the conditions, and have a good distance to the cars in front.

– It is slippery and bare in the tracks. You have to be careful when changing files, says Brunes.

A LOT OF SNOW: On the E6 at Skjeberg there is a lot of snow on the roads.

Queue on E16 after accident

In Hønefoss, emergency services are on their way to a traffic accident on the E16 at Hensmoen in, the South-East police district reports on Twitter.

A car has driven out of the road and into the mountain wall. A person is involved in the accident, and the extent of the damage is uncertain.

There is a complete stop in both directions, the police say.

Expect snow throughout the evening

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute expects snow throughout the day, evening and night in some places in southern Norway.

– It is like a blanket over most of Eastern Norway now, says editorial meteorologist Unni Nilsen at the Meteorological Institute.

But the precipitation will decrease a lot during the evening, but there will still be some snow.

– It is strongest in the south of eastern Norway this afternoon, says duty officer at the Meteorological Institute Jon Austerheim.

– Can be a good idea to leave the car

Earlier today, the driving conditions in Agder were demanding.

– It has gotten better during the day, says traffic operator in the Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Kjetil Løvås.

Along the coast in Agder, from Lindesnes up to Arendal, the roads are particularly slippery.

– The precipitation has fallen like rain and then it has frozen. So it is freezing rain that is the challenge.

He says that Vegtrafikksentralen has received many calls this morning from people who experience difficult driving conditions.

Løvås has a clear appeal to those who are going out and driving in Agder today.

– For Agder, I have a clear appeal to those who have to go out by car: calm down, adapt to the conditions and be sure that you have good tires, he says and adds:

– If you do not have to drive, it can be a good idea to leave the car

DRIVEN OUT: In Hokksund, a car drove into the ditch and had to have help from NAF to get back up.

Expect delays

In the eastern part of the country, driving conditions can be demanding in several places. In Vestfold, Telemark, Viken and Oslo it has snowed a bit last night.

– So far, there have been no major traffic challenges in these areas, says Løvås.

This can quickly change when the traffic increases during the day, he points out. He encourages people in these counties to take it easy when going out with the car.

– Today, one must simply expect delays to occur. Now it’s Norwegian winter and there have been weather changes several times since the new year.

E6 between the Morskog tunnel in Viken and Strandlykkja in the Inland, open to traffic after a traffic accident.

To the hospital

A person with an unknown extent of damage has been transported to hospital after a traffic accident on county road 177 north of Vormsund in Nes on Friday afternoon, according to NTB.

Two cars were involved in the accident on Eidsvollveien, and the road was closed for less than an hour after the incident.

The police reported the accident just before 4 pm. The person who was injured has been transported to Kongsvinger hospital.

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