Friday, January 28

China praises Kazakh president’s move against protesters – News (Echo)

The banner was in response to the president’s statement earlier today that those who protested against, among other things, the price increases on vehicle gas are in fact terrorists, criminals and bandits. President Kasym-Zjomart Tokajev also said that police and military had been given permission to fire sharply without warning.

– At night we hear explosions. I’m afraid. It hurts to know that young people are dying, he says Kuralai to the news agency Reuters.

– The protests have become increasingly violent during the past week. Despite the fact that the price increase for gas has been withdrawn and the government has resigned, the protests have continued with new demands for, among other things, new elections. Damage and looting have also occurred.

On Friday, it is reported to be calmer in Almaty where security forces patrol the streets and banks, shops and restaurants are closed. President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen is one of the Western leaders who called for an end to the violence, while China praised President Tokayev’s actions.

Mukhtar Ablyazov, former minister but now opposition in exile, tells Reuters that unless Europe and the United States act quickly now, Kazakhstan will be like Belarus and Vladimir Putin will seek to establish a structure similar to that of the Soviet Union.

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