Monday, January 17

Children playing with a lighter may have caused a fatal fire in Philadelphia

It appears from an application to have a house inspected. Both local and federal authorities are trying to find out what triggered the deadliest fire in the city in more than a decade, where two sisters and several of their children are among those killed. Eight of the twelve dead are children.

EXTINGUISHING: The fire department spent almost an hour extinguishing the fire on the second floor of a municipal apartment block in the American city of Philadelphia on Wednesday night. Photo: Matt Rourke / AP / NTB

The fire broke out around 6.30 on Wednesday morning, while many were still asleep.

A spokesman for the prosecution has confirmed the information in the application to the news agency AP. Local newspaper The Philadelphia Inquirer first reported the information. Otherwise, the authorities have said little about the fire, how many of the 26 residents in the block escaped unharmed, possible causes or where in the municipal apartment block it started.

At least two people were transported to hospital after the fire, while several others managed to get out of the building.


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