Monday, January 17

Believes football nomads died of poisoning

Oussou Konan was a real football nomad. The striker from the Ivory Coast played for clubs in his home country, Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Finland, Oman and Switzerland, writes

He died on January 3, and now new circumstances have emerged regarding the tragic death.

According to several media and Konan’s former club HJK Helsinki, the football player was allegedly poisoned during a visit to his home country Ivory Coast. Konan’s cousin is suspected in the case.

– Oussou Konan Anicet, who played for HJK in the 2014 season, has passed away at the age of 32 when he visited his hometown in the Ivory Coast. He was allegedly poisoned during the visit. Rest in peace, writes HJK Helsinki on Twitter.

Mondial Sport reports that Konan became acutely ill during a visit to Rue Princesse in the Yopougon district of Côte d’Ivoire’s capital Abidjan.

First, the police assumed that the football player died of an illness related to the journey home for Christmas and New Year. But now the police are investigating whether Konan was poisoned after drinking a glass of red wine he received from his own cousin.

The investigation is still ongoing, and it is currently unclear what motives were behind the suspected cousin’s actions.

Konan played for the club Al-Bukiryah FC in Saudi Arabia when he died, which shares the grief over the loss of the football player.

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