Wednesday, January 19

Agree to terminate the contract

– I want to start by saying sorry that I did not get to help keep the zero for more than nine minutes. Nobody thinks it’s more boring than myself, and that’s not how it was supposed to be. I wish Brann all the best, and hope the club quickly gets back to where they belong. Then I want to thank all the nice teammates I have had in Brann, and for allowing me to sing Nystemten once, says Krog Gerson to

– Lars has been incredibly unlucky with injuries while he has been in Brann. But he has been extremely professional and we wish him the best of luck, says sports manager in Brann, Jimmi Nagel Jacobsen.

Krog Gerson came to Brann in May 2021, and after a short time it turned out that he had an injury that was more serious than first thought. It ended with surgery and several months on the sidelines. When Brann met Viking at the Stadium this autumn, the midfielder finally made his debut for Brann, but after ten minutes on the pitch, he suffered another serious injury on the wet surface. It ended with a new operation and new months on the sidelines.

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