Monday, January 17

They are vaccinated and are almost never infected. The 17-year-olds now have a sore prayer for the government.

They are vaccinated. They are almost never infected. Nevertheless, high school students must still have homeschooling.

A rare visit to the school for 17-year-olds (left) Ellie Lervåg Jones, Emeli Irgens-Sabetzadeh and Tara Fretheim at Elvebakken upper secondary school in Oslo.

She rarely cries for tears, but this December evening Emeli Irgens-Sabetzadeh (17) began to cry.

She was with friends in the canteen at school. Everything was normal, they planned the school show and looked forward to the Christmas holidays. During a break, they sat and read the news. And that was when they realized it: the government was going to introduce the red level in high school again.

Then Emeli Irgens-Sabetzadeh completely broke down.

– I started to cry. I had so little desire to sit at home alone with that PC for another round, says the 17-year-old who started high school in the autumn of 2020.

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