Monday, January 17

The father quota dispute: Politicians in several parties believe Kjersti Toppe should arrange so that fathers get their money

Fathers could have received their parental benefits if the Minister for Children and Families had instructed Nav. This is pointed out by several parties in the Storting.

Minister for Children and Families Kjersti Toppe wants a new legal assessment of the regulations around the father quota.

Politicians in several parties in the Storting believe that Minister Kjersti Toppe herself should have cleaned up the father quota trap without withdrawing the Social Security Court.

Since 2007, Nav has deprived fathers of parental benefits if they have applied for the father quota “too late”. They have stumbled into the father quota trap. “Too late” has been after the mother’s last day with paid parental leave. Nav’s practice has led to hundreds of fathers losing all or part of their father quota each year.

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