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The controversy surrounding Djokovic: Purifying water with positive thoughts and friendship with a fig tree

Novak Djokovic (34) was to hunt for his tenth Australian Open title. Now one of the world’s most famous athletes is instead in the middle of the biggest of many controversial – and some special – situations.

WORLD CHANGE: Novak Djokovic poses with the Australian Open trophy after the victory in 2021.

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The 34-year-old Serbian superstar has never been afraid to go his own way to be able to give that little extra out on the tennis court. He took his first Grand Slam victory in the Australian Open as a 20-year-old in 2004.

14 years later, and with a total of 20 Grand Slam titles in his career, he does not get into Australia because he clearly does not have the vaccine papers in order, and now there is total chaos. Ha is now staying in a so-called immigration room in Melbourne, where he is in practice locked up as in a prison while the case is being processed.

The latest reports are that Djokovic can be sent out of the country no earlier than Monday. The Australian Open tournament starts on January 17 and Djokovic has nine titles after winning the last three years.

– Extremely dedicated

– It has become a real farce here, and it is a shame for both Djokovic and the sport of tennis, says Eurosport commentator Christer Francke to VG.

– I can definitely see both sides of the issue, even though I am certainly not a vaccine opponent. Djokovic is a supporter of the natural methods and an extremely dedicated in what he does. He believes in things between heaven and earth that are not always completely universal, Francke adds.

He emphasizes that Djokovic deserves a lot of respect because he has obviously done a lot right to be so extremely good.

– It is good to look at some of his statements with skepticism, but he is clearly very open to the fact that there are several roads to Rome, Francke says.

– If he is not allowed to participate in the Australian Open now – do you think this noise can lead to him stepping down?

– No. He has been through tough times before, and has come back very strongly. I would think he bites into this too. But the Australian Open has been his favorite tournament, and he has apparently been very popular there, so this probably stings a lot.

Here are some of the things that have made headlines around Djokovic in recent years:


It has also led to strong winds around him more than once. He was early in expressing his skepticism about taking the corona vaccine, but until now he has not wanted to make it clear whether he has been vaccinated or not.

He and his wife Jelena are said to have tested positive for corona after the superstar helped organize a show tournament in the summer of 2020. The Adria Summer Tour consisted of show matches in Serbia and Croatia, but ended in a scandal when a number of athletes tested positive.

The final between Andrej Rubljov and Djokovic was never played, and afterwards pictures were leaked where Djokovic and the other players fastened and trained without keeping their distance and following recommended corona rules.

The ordinary tournament game in tennis was then stopped all over the world.

– I am very sorry that the tournament has caused injury. Everything that has been done by the organizers and myself has been done with a pure heart and good intentions. We believed that the tournament followed all health protocols, Djokovic said in a press release.

MARRIED WITH YOUTH BOYFRIEND: Novak Djokovic and his wife Jelena pictured at the Laureus World Sports Awards in 2019.

Friend with a fig tree

In the botanical garden in Melbourne, Djokovic has also, according to his own statement, become friends with a tree.

– I have a friend here, a Brazilian fig tree. I like to climb in it and get in touch with it. It’s probably my favorite thing to do here, he said after winning the Australian Open in 2020.

Two years later, the 34-year-old is not allowed into the country, and he has upset many in the country and around the world because he has allegedly risen above the coronary restrictions that most Australians have to deal with.

One of the questions now is when he can climb the fig tree again …

Purification of water with positive thoughts

Just a month before the “corona tournament”, Djokovic literally created a storm of a glass of water around the world.

He carried out several broadcasts on social media, including with “health guru” Chervin Jafarieh.

In one of the broadcasts, Djokovic came up with a theory that human energy can change the chemical composition of water and food with his thoughts and feelings.

YouTube: Watch Djokovic’s statements 54 minutes and 50 seconds into this broadcast.

– I have seen people, and I know some, who through energetic transformation, through the power of prayer and the power of gratitude, manage to change the most toxic food or the most polluted water into the most healing water. Water reacts and scientists have proven that molecules in the water react to our emotions and what is being said, Djokovic said while Jafarieh nodded appreciatively.

Thrown out of the US Open

In the autumn of 2020, there was more trouble for Djokovic, but then as a result of incidents on the field. In the quarter-final against Pablo Carreño Busta, the Serb was unlucky and hit a female line judge in the neck with a ball he had clinked off in frustration after missing a serve and losing a game.

– I’m sorry and empty as a result of this whole situation. I’ve checked how the line judge is doing, and thank God the tournament management has told me she’s OK. I am extremely sorry for the stress I have inflicted on her, wrote a clearly remorseful Djokovic Instagram afterwards.

– I have to turn this into a lesson for my development as a player and as a human being. I apologize for my behavior at the US Open and everyone around the tournament. I am grateful for the support from the team and my family, and the fans who have always been there with me. Thank you, I’m sorry he added.

IN PROBLEMS: Novak Djokovic quickly realizes that he has fooled himself out after hitting a line judge in the US Open.

Crying for several days after elbow surgery

In 2016 and 2017, Djokovic had major problems with an elbow injury. He was advised by several to operate on the injury, but refused.

– For me, surgery was my last resort, not the first and not the second either, he said according to Tennis World.

The injury led, among other things, to him having to withdraw from the quarterfinals of the Wimbledon tournament in 2017. In the end, he had to go under the knife, but it led to him getting a violent feeling of guilt.

– I only cried for two or three days. Every time I thought about what I had done, I felt that I had failed myself, he said in an interview with The Telegraph.

– I’m not a fan of surgeries or medications. I try to be as natural as possible, and I believe that our bodies are self-healing mechanisms. I will never again put myself in a position where I need an operation, he added.

Family yoga at sunrise

Djokovic rarely gives interviews. But a couple of years ago he told New York Times about some of the daily routines he has with his wife Jelena and the couple’s two children at home in Monaco.

– We get up early because I take my son to school. We make juice in the morning in the kitchen, go out and watch the sunrise, then we have our “squeezing and singing session” before we do some yoga, Djokovic said while laughing a little at himself and emphasizing that he thought the routines were a good symbol on how he has changed.

He is extremely concerned about a healthy diet, and now eats only plant-based foods. He has been a vegetarian for the past five or six years.

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