Wednesday, January 19

The Conservatives want to stop the police acquisition of Chinese drones

WILL STOP BUYING: The police districts of Troms, Trøndelag and Agder carried out a trial year with the use of a drone. After this, it was decided that all police districts will use drones in their work.

The Conservatives are worried that the police will buy drones from China. The Minister of Justice is now calling the police director to an emergency meeting about the case.


– It seems that the police are in the process of buying drones that the US authorities refuse to use. Then some bells should ring. We can not have Chinese drones in Norwegian police patrols if this is a security risk, says the Conservative Party’s justice policy spokesman Sveinung Stensland to NRK.

CRITICAL: Conservative Sveinung Stensland wants to stop the police’s acquisition of drones from China.

It was recently announced that the police will buy drones for up to NOK 100 million from the company DIJ, which is based in Beijing. Stensland requests that Minister of Justice Emilie Enger Mehl (Sp) stop the tender process until the security risk has been clarified.

– We must have clarity in this. Before this is clarified, one should avoid buying Chinese surveillance equipment for use in the Norwegian police, says Stensland.

The Minister of Justice points out that the tender process started under Erna Solberg’s government. She has called in police director Benedicte Bjørnland for an urgent meeting about the case on Friday at 10.30.

– I have also asked for verification of the information that appears in the report of concern. I expect the police to make a new assessment of the security risk if it is necessary in light of new information, says Mehl.

Following what was described as a successful pilot project, it was decided in 2020 that all police districts in Norway will be allowed to use drones in their work.

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