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“Stepped in” for Trump: Doubts “the big lie”

Marjorie Taylor Greene and Matt Gaetz outside Congress.

WASHINGTON DC (VG) After Donald Trump’s canceled press conference, his closest supporters took over the baton and continued on “the big lie”, one year after his supporters stormed Congress.

– Legal action is still being taken for very genuine allegations of electoral fraud. I know of several specific cases where public prosecutors have stood in the way of a genuine, legitimate prosecution of electoral fraud.

The words come from one of Donald Trump’s strongest defenders, the Republican Matt Gaetz – who has previously been under investigation by the Ministry of Justice for having paid more women for sexual services.

MEETING THE PRESS: Outside Congress, Donald Trump’s allies Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene continued to spread the word to the former president.


Together with the controversial Republican Marjorie Taylor Greene, they convened a press conference a year after Trump supporters and right-wing extremists stormed the building – where US democracy saw one of its darkest days in modern times.

– It is very important that the Republican voice is heard today. It is this voice, the Republican supporters and Trump supporters, that have received constant outrage over the past year, said Taylor Greene who “stepped in” for Trump after the former president canceled his planned press conference from Florida.

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ATTACK: On January 6, 2021, several hundred Trump supporters and far-right Congress stormed.

It had been announced in advance that they would today give “a Republican answer to reveal the truth about the January 6, 2021 protests”.

“When the Republicans regain power, the country can look forward to tough questions, and real answers to what happened on January 6, 2021,” said Gaetz, who also pointed out that he did not think the congressional storm was “an attack.”

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QUIET: In front of the Congress, one year after the storm, the high fences that surrounded the building for several months were replaced with some low fences.

Joe Biden, who marked the day with a speech to the nation, could not have been more clear:

“Trump has created and spread a web of lies about the 2020 election. And he has done so because he values ​​power over principle, and because he considers his own interests more important than the country’s interests,” he said, adding:

– His wounded ego means more to him than our democracy, or our constitution.

One year later, the facts are as follows:

  • No evidence has been found for Trump’s allegations of electoral fraud
  • At least 138 police officers were injured during the attack on Congress after several thousand Trump supporters showed up in the capital at the request of the former president
  • Major material damage was caused to the building
  • Pipe bombs were discovered near Congress
  • Five people who took part in the demonstration and the storm lost their lives – either during the storm or right after
Mickey Witthoeft, the mother of Ashli ​​Babbitt who lost her life during the storm, along with the two Republicans.

Lost daughter

One of those who lost his life that day was veteran and Trump supporter Ashli ​​Babbitt.

As someone from the group she was in tried to smash a window just outside the hall of the House of Representatives, Babbit was shot by police officer Michael Byrd.

With a Trump flag tied around her neck, she fell backwards just after the bang came.

During the press conference, Gaetz and Taylor Greene brought out Ashli’s mother, Mickey Witthoeft, whom VG interviewed earlier in the day.

Mourning: Mickey Witthoeft lost her daughter during the Congress storm in January 2021. She is critical of the fact that no one has been held responsible for the murder.

She shares the two Republicans’ view that “the election has been stolen.”

– She was here to protest what she felt was a stolen choice. It was her right as a US citizen, she says when VG asks her what her daughter did in Congress that day.

– My daughter was publicly executed, without any consequences for anyone, she says.

Byrd, The policeman who shot Babbitt, in a TV interview last summer, said that he shot as a “last resort”, because the intruders continued to try to break through the door – even after warnings not to.

He knew that if they got through there, the rebels were practically inside the hall, where dozens of members of Congress were.

In DC: Mickey Witthoeft (left) with family member Wilma Ward.

Witthoeft says that if she had shown the outcome of her daughter’s participation in the congressional storm, she would not have let her go – but that it was in her daughter’s nature to “serve her country.”

– I feel like she died while doing just that. She was robbed of her voice, and it is my duty to be her voice now, she says to VG

SILENCE AFTER THE STORM: The scenes at the Capitol are very different on January 6, 2021, than on the same date the year before.

After the storm, it was thought that many Republicans would turn their backs on Trump and his unfounded accusations of electoral fraud.

But polls still show that between 60 and 70 percent of Republican voters believe Trump was robbed of the 2020 election victory.

The proportion has been quite stable ever since January last year, according to the Washington Post.

In the USA: Thomas Nilsson and Camilla Svennæs ​​Bergland.

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