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Snow chaos in the north: Now the snow is coming south

APPLIED FOR SHELTER: Mathias Jensen, like several others, applied for shelter at a petrol station outside Harstad on Thursday afternoon due to extremely difficult driving conditions.

In the last 24 hours, the snow has fallen in huge quantities in large parts of northern Norway. On Friday, the snow chaos comes to the south and east of Norway.

In Harstad, which is one of the places where it has snowed the most, the home nurses have had challenges in the snow.

– We have probably been stuck eight times with the municipal company cars and even before lunch there were ten patients who had not received their planned visit. Slippery roads and a lot of snow are our biggest enemies, says home nurse Victoria Willumsen to VG.

DOES NOT APPEAR: The home nurses in Harstad have problems in all the snow. Victoria Willumsen has photographed her colleagues on Thursday: Tanja Fredriksen (left), Ylva Kristoffersen, Tonje Nordhaug, Emma Eriksson and Ann Kristin Ottestad.

The majority of patients do not have the opportunity to shovel snow, so the accessibility to the houses is difficult. Victoria and her colleagues have had to park far away and wade in the snow to the houses, which they also do not have clothing for.

– We do the best we can to reach those who need us, but it is difficult to reach. Not everyone has relatives who can help with snow removal, so we encourage people with snow blowers to help their elderly neighbors in such extreme cases as now.

– EXTREME: Home nurse Victoria Willumsen (32) does not think it has snowed so much in Harstad in three years.

Victoria says that it has been snowing in Harstad all Thursday.

– We live in northern Norway and have to expect a lot of different weather, but I do not think it has snowed so much here since 2018, she says.

Up to 60 centimeters

– The areas around Harstad and Narvik have had the most snow, but a lot has come over large parts of Vesterålen, Lofoten, Ofoten and Sør-Troms, says on-duty meteorologist Elise Gloppen Hunnes at the Meteorological Institute.

There has been snowfall of up to 30 centimeters at the official measuring stations, while locally it has been measured up to 60 centimeters.

– It is due to local differences that cause it to accumulate, and when there is wind in addition, quite thick layers can form in some places, the meteorologist explains.

On Thursday morning, there were difficult driving conditions all over Harstad and motorists on their way to work felt the snow chaos, writes Harstad Tidende.

But there are also some who rejoice over all the snow.

– We have sold 22 snow blowers before lunch, says Kenneth Granås Johansen the newspaper. He is the general manager of the Trama Harstad store and describes the sale of snow blowers as spinning game.

– I had to go to work earlier this morning to shovel my way to the store. Even before we opened the doors, customers were standing outside waiting to be let in. Since then, things have gone so smoothly, and I do not rule out that the last customers today will be dispatched after closing time, he says.

Liv Anja Øynes also lives in Harstad and hopes the snow chaos will soon be over. She says she can not get out of her house because of all the snow. On Thursday afternoon, she received this picture from a friend who also thinks it’s starting to hold:

And it may seem that the worst snow weather is over for northerners now. The sun will peek out in several places on Friday and later this weekend, the Meteorological Institute promises.

– In the outer areas there will be some snow also on Saturday, but not close to the amounts that have been. For northern Norway, it is now mostly over for this time, says meteorologist Elise Gloppen Hunnes.

The snow is coming to the south

And when the fine weather comes north, it will be the southern parts of the country that take over the snow weather. From Friday onwards, there will be a change in the entire weather situation. It will be cloudy and there will be a lot of snow south of Stad and Dovre.

– Especially on Friday, Rogaland, Sørlandet and Østlandet will get a lot of snow. It will start already tonight, and if you are going to drive to work on Friday morning, you should put in a little extra time, advises the meteorologist on duty.

– We are mid-winter and people have gotten on winter tires, so in principle it should not be complete chaos, but there is often a little extra queue on such days, she says.

– It may be wise to stay in the home office?

– Exactly Friday, there may be some benefits to a home office, yes.

Elise Gloppen Hunnes says that the temperatures will increase somewhat on Friday.

– Out on the coast in the south, the snow that comes will eventually turn to more sleet and rain, but in Eastern Norway it will be snow and stay cold.

Both Vestland and Møre og Romsdal will mostly have a nice Friday, but some rain on the coast.

The same applies to Trøndelag, where it will be a great start to the weekend with sun, only with the exception of some precipitation in the form of snow in the southernmost part of the county.

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