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Kobayashi won Hoppuka after the Lindvik boom

WIN FOR WIN: Ryoyu Kobayashi is currently the world’s best ski jumper.

Ryoyu Kobayashi (25) collected the second overall winner of his career in Hoppuka during Thursday’s race in Bischofshofen. Marius Lindvik (23) was second and Halvor Egner Granerud (25) took 3rd place overall.


Kobayashi led Hoppuka in total with 17.9 points at Lindvik before the last Hoppuka race. Lindvik had to perform optimally, but landed his first jump of only 126 meters. That brought him to the final round in a disappointing 23rd place, and the Norwegian hope of winning Hoppuka was thus almost ruined.

Lindvik’s second jump showed the potential that lives in him with an insane soar of 139 meters, but he was only number 10 in the final race in Bischofshofen. Daniel Huber won, while Kobayashi finished fifth. It still held to be the king of the German-Austrian Hoppuka for the Japanese.

Halvor Egner Granerud took 3rd place overall after being second best in Thursday’s competition.

Norway was represented by a total of seven jumpers. Three of them advanced to the final round. Johann André Forfang (26) broke out in a duel with Russian Jevgenij Klimov (27) and Joacim Ødegård Bjøreng (26) suffered the same fate against Slovenian Ziga Jelar (24).

Daniel André Tande (27) was obviously disappointed after his soar of just 123 meters, which was his last contribution to this year’s jumping week. Fredrik Villumstad ran out after a duel with Kobayashi after a jump of 121.5 meters. Robert Johansson (31) was number seven in Bischofshofen after two good jumps.

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