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Huseklepp about the role change: – Can understand if some of the Brann players think it is special

Erik Huseklepp (37) thinks he has got the dream job as an assistant coach at Brann, but understands the skeptics and understands the players who may react to his new role.

BACK IN BRANN: Erik Huseklepp pictured after the relegation with Brann in 2014. Now he is back in the club.

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– For me, working in Brann is my dream. I’ve played there for ten years, and have the fourth most games in the club’s history. As a supporter, I have followed Brann since I was five or six years old, says Huseklepp to VG.

On Wednesday, it was announced that he will be the assistant to Eirik Horneland, who he played under in Haugesund in 2017. But the role change comes abruptly, most recently in Christmas “Huseklepp” thought and meant “about Brann and the deplorable relegation season in the Bergens Tidende podcast «Ballspark».

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– Now, of course, that job is over. I have quit my teaching job, and the expert job in TV 2 as well. There has been understanding everywhere that I have made the choice, says Huseklepp.

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PLAYED DURING HORNELAND: Erik Huseklepp (right) and Eirik Horneland (left) pictured after Haugesund’s 3-0 victory away against Stabæk in April 2017.

– Have you said anything in the podcast that you regret now?

– No, that was my job. I can understand if some of the Brann players think it is special that I will now be part of the coaching team, but I think it will happen quickly.

– Are there any players you should have an extra chat with?

– I have not thought much about it, but there are many of them who know me from before and know that I am easy to talk to. Most things work out well with a good chat. I am not the one who has shouted the loudest to get my opinions out, and stand for everything I have said.

BT EXPERT: Erik Huseklepp pictured in connection with a VG interview in 2018.

BT commentator Anders Pamer has together with Huseklepp been a fixture in «Ballspark».

– I understand that people can be surprised. Erik has criticized Brann quite a lot, but at the same time been very honest and impartial. There may be a number of players in the locker room who must have an explanation for the role change, Pamer says to VG.

– It is a big loss for Ballspark, but at the same time gratifying that we can recruit profiles for Brann. I think he is the greatest living Bergen player who has played for Brann, and for us he is irreplaceable, praises Pamer.

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CRAZY IN BERGEN: The interest around Brann is enormous. Here Eirik Bakke (left) and Erik Huseklepp react in a match against Stabæk in 2008.

Adds as a player

– Is anything other than promotion good enough for Brann in 2022?

– No! It is so important for both Brann and Norwegian football. But it will be a tough journey, and I have been on it before, says Huseklepp who moved down with Brann in 2014 – and then went straight up again.

He played his last match for the club in November 2016.

– I also understand those who are skeptical that I with so little coaching experience get this job now. I only have the B-course, but I have also gained a lot of player experience which I think will be useful now.

Huseklepp played for Fyllingsdalen FK at level three as late as the 2021 season. Now it’s over.

– I quit as a player, and that was the plan anyway. There will be an awful lot of injuries in Brann if I am to be relevant for games, says the 37-year-old with a past in Bari, Portsmouth, Birmingham, Haugesund and Åsane in addition to Fyllingsdalen FK / Fyllingen and Brann.

He also has 36 games and seven goals for the national team.

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