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Australia has turned corona management upside down

LONG QUEUES: Test capacity is under pressure due to the spread of infection. In several places there are long queues. The photo was taken in Melbourne on Wednesday this week.

While Australia has new infection records day after day, the Prime Minister believes that citizens must learn to live with corona.

Through the pandemic, Australia has been among the countries in the world with the fewest cases of the coronavirus. They managed it with strict restrictions and closures.

Last autumn, infection rates began to rise, and they continue to rise. Now Australia still has new infection records. But no shutdowns.

– We will not go back to shutdowns. We must move on and live with the virus in a responsible way, Prime Minister Scott Morrison has said, according to Forbes.

Record after record

Omikron has accelerated the spread of infection in Australia.

Tuesday’s record of over 47,000 new cases was broken the very next day with over 64,000 new cases.

On Thursday, the numbers are even higher. Over 72,000 new cases have so far been registered as infected in Australia in the last 24 hours, according to Reuters.

The number of hospital admissions has also increased. Over 3,000 people are hospitalized with corona.

Lack of quick tests

The test system in Australia is overwhelmed by the large spread of infection.

There is a lack of quick tests and long queues to take a PCR test, writes The Sydney Morning Herald.

Several express anger and frustration over the situation. A reader writes to the newspaper that he visited 18 pharmacies and shops, and did not find a single test.

To ease the pressure, the government has changed the requirements for testing. Among other things, it is no longer necessary to confirm a positive rapid test with a PCR test.

QUICK THESES: There is a great demand for quick tests, but few tests are available. The photo was taken in Sydney on Wednesday this week.

Will not shut down again

Hoping for a more normal everyday life, Australia has changed the way it handles the pandemic.

In the past, they have shut down the virus and introduced strict rules if the infection got in.

As more and more people are vaccinated, Australia has eased the restrictions, he writes Forbes.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison believes Australia’s citizens must learn to live with the virus. He is clear that the country will not shut down again.

– We have no choice but to stand in the storm. What is the alternative? We just have to work on it, Morrison said during a press conference on Wednesday.

WILL NOT CLOSE: Prime Minister Scott Morrison is clear he will not shut down the country again.

Gets criticism

The government has been criticized for the new strategy. Especially from Opposition and Labor leader Anthony Albanese.

– This is the biggest political failure in Australian history, says Albanase in one statement.

He believes the Prime Minister must take more responsibility for the growing infection.

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