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The next pandemic weeks will be important

NOW APPLIES: Omikron will be dominant in Norway in the coming weeks. Restrictions and vaccinations will determine how things go.

It has been a relatively quiet Christmas time with declining infection rates. Now it can turn around. Therefore, it is important that everyone who can takes the vaccine.


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We’ve had our second closed Christmas. With the unfortunate consequences it has brought. But the social restrictions have also given us a calmer Christmas.

There have been no new infection records, but more importantly, the hospitals have not received more covid patients they can not handle.

This is the case in several places in Europe right now. In the UK has over 1.1 million Britons been registered infected during the Christmas period. Omikron is the dominant variant and the numbers are crazy. The pandemic record was set on December 29 with over 200,000 registered infected.

Although the proportion of hospital admissions is not as severe in the archipelago, the infection is now so widespread that the number of hospital admissions is on a par with February last year. When the third wave ravaged. It shows us how it could have gone here at home if restrictions were not imposed as early as they were.

The British Health Service reports that they are under greater pressure than they were at this time last year. We have also seen it here.

And that’s because of hospital staff who are on the rim, or are sick. In the UK, this is also due to the fact that resources must be spent on vaccination and on recovering from other treatments that have been postponed due to the pandemic.

The British have chosen not to shut down as much as we do. Therefore, the omikron wave washes in with full force.

The Norwegian authorities have made the right decision and we are reaping the benefits. The number of infected and the number of hospitalized in Norway has been declining steadily throughout Christmas.

But while we have celebrated Christmas, the omikron variant has managed to stay dominant in the most densely populated areas, Oslo, Viken and Trondheim. Everywhere else omikron has taken over, the infection has exploded.

Omikron will be dominant in Norway in the coming weeks. We must be prepared.

When we now return to everyday life and move more, the infection will in all probability increase. This was the case last year. The third wave really picked up speed over the New Year and peaked in March.

Back then we did not have vaccines, we have them now. When the Christmas holidays are now over, it is therefore important that everyone who is medically fit to take the vaccine does so.

The more vaccinated, the less chance of serious illness and hospitalizations.

The coming weeks will show how Norway meets omikron. Until then, it is imperative that restrictions and advice are followed.

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