Wednesday, January 19

Ekot in a minute – News (Ekot)

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  • The police state that they see increased cooperation between criminal networks in the Stockholm area. These include drug deals, protection and assassination plans. Anna Rise, head of the intelligence unit at the police in the Stockholm Region, says that it can, for example, be about importing a consignment of drugs and then dividing between the networks.

  • Now the political pressure is increasing for Sweden to criminalize so-called conversion therapy, which aims for young LGBTQ people to change their sexual orientation. “It is madness, and a phenomenon that is also condemned around the world,” says Fredrik Lundh Sammeli (S), chairman of the Riksdag’s Justice Committee.

  • After the sharp economic downturn triggered by the pandemic in 2020, hopes were high that Thailand’s economy would recover in 2021. But when the country hit another corona wave in April, it hit the economy hard and the important tourism industry has far to normal visitor levels.

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