Sunday, January 16

Will not be part of Rekdal’s coaching team

Trond Henriksen and Jørn Jamtfall continue in the club. But will not join Kjetil Rekdal’s coaching team in 2022.

Jørn Jamtfall and Trond Henriksen.

This is confirmed by both the long-standing RBK duo and Rekdal to Adresseavisen on Sunday.

– Alexander Lund Hansen becomes goalkeeping coach. Then we work on finding another assistant, and those conversations start in earnest next week, Rekdal begins.

– What about Trond Henriksen’s role?

– Both he and Jørn are great guys, who I have talked to about the 2021 season. They have been very helpful, and are RBK members who will be important for the club also in the future. But I think the club needs some new faces around the first team, Rekdal answers.

Scout and administrative

In an SMS, Trond Henriksen writes that he himself wants a change:

– I informed sports manager Mikael Dorsin before Christmas that I do not want to be a second or third coach on the first team, he says.

Henriksen moves on to another role.

– I will work with scouting and with the best young players.

Jamtfall also confirms in an SMS that he is moving to a new position.

In recent years, he has worked a lot with logistics in addition to coaching, and is now intended for an administrative role in the club.

New team: Kjetil Rekdal is approaching a full coaching team. This week the talks start with the last assistant.

Maalen, Iversen – or another

On December 30, Adresseavisen wrote that Svein Maalen and Steffen Iversen are relevant to join Rekdal’s coaching team.

The 53-year-old brings Geir Frigård from Hamar with him, and thus wants one more assistant.

When Adresseavisen talks to Rekdal on Sunday afternoon, he says that this person must be in place no later than 22 January.

Then the players have been through two days of testing, and this is the first joint training with football shoes before the 2022 season.

– You have named Maalen and Iversen. But there is talk that there are more candidates …

– Yes, there are more. Both Trøndelag and non-Trøndelag. Then we enter into those conversations with an open mind, and based on these we will find out what is best for the team, says Rekdal.

The coach further says that there are people on the list who want to be anonymous in the process, and that this is one of the reasons why he does not want to shed more light on the name.

Administrative tasks

When it comes to Henriksen and Jamtfall, there are two of them who have been in the club the longest, both as players and in the coaching staff.

While Jamtfall has been goalkeeping coach for a number of years, in many different teams, Henriksen has also acted as head coach on two occasions, the first time in 2007.

The former defense champion has been an assistant in several rounds, and was moved up in the first team again when Rini Coolen became a substitute in the summer of 2018.

Both are permanent employees, and thus get new roles after the Christmas holidays.

This means that Alexander Lund Hansen, who also played a part last year, will be the goalkeeping coach for André Hansen, Julian Faye Lund and Sander Tangvik.

Thus, “Team Rekdal” begins to take shape.

It is already known that Vetle Veierød is in as a physical trainer and that Olav Aas is a new doctor.

Christian Thorbjørnsen went to Stabæk before Christmas, as is well known, while Reidar Due has returned to work as a pediatrician.

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