Sunday, January 16

Very strong wind in Nordland, Troms and Finnmark: Prepared for more people to lose power

OVERTURNED: A bus with 22 passengers overturned on Sunday due to very strong winds in Nordland.

Very strong winds in parts of northern Norway create problems for traffic. Electricity supplier Arva is prepared for people to lose power.

In Nordland and Troms, there is generally a lot of wind with both stiff and strong gales in several places, and an orange warning has been issued. A strong gale is blowing as far south as Brønnøysund and north along the coast and in the mountains.

The danger warning lasts until midnight.

– After that, the worst wind will give way. The wind will gradually decrease, says meteorologist on duty, Ola Mellem, at the Meteorological Institute in northern Norway.

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It is expected that Finnmark will also get a lot of wind during the day. In Troms, locally strong gusts of 27-35 meters per second are expected from the southeast.

In some places in Troms it is also up in a storm. Combined with heavy snowfall at Christmas and slippery roads, it creates difficult driving conditions for those returning home from the Christmas holidays.

BAD CONDITIONS: There are very poor driving conditions in Vesterålen on Sunday. Here is a picture from the road authority’s camera on county road 82 at Hadselbrua.

– It is a complex situation. In addition to strong winds now, there has been a lot of snow at Christmas. Loose snow and wind lead to snowdrifts and difficult driving conditions. There are opportunities for set roads in both Nordland and Troms, says meteorologist on duty Gunnar Noer at the Meteorological Institute in northern Norway.

There is also a yellow danger warning for slippery roads in Nordland as a result of freezing rain. The danger warning is valid until Monday.

– Take it easy and pay attention to slippery roads. Look at the road signs if there are closed bridges and canceled ferries, Noer encourages.

Several customers lost power

More than 250 customers have lost power in the two municipalities of Målselv and Balsfjord, which are located in Troms.

Per-Magne Johansen, operations manager at Arva, says Northern Lights that they are prepared for more during the day.

Arva is a merger of former Troms Kraft Nett and Nordlandsnett. They supply electricity to approximately 120,000 electricity customers in Troms and Nordland.

– We have fitters outside, and are staffed extra. We must be a good advance for what is to come today. It takes some time, as we have to find the fault and then repair it. We take everything as it comes, and do our very best for people to get the power back, Johansen tells the newspaper.

Two buses overturned

Earlier Sunday, a bus with 22 passengers overturned due to the weather conditions in Nordland.

The bus was on the side so that the main doors could not be opened.

– It goes well with the passengers. No people are critically injured, but two of them have pain in the head and neck, said operations manager Remi Johansen in Nordland police district to VG.

About an hour after the first bus overturned, a message came that another bus had also blown off the road.

– Only the driver is in the bus, and he is doing well, says Johansen.

Ask people to be careful

The Norwegian Meteorological Institute in northern Norway asks people to secure loose objects.

– We ask people to be aware of difficult driving conditions in several places, says on-duty meteorologist, Ola Mellem.

The police in Finnmark also ask people to secure loose objects.

Will move north

According to the Meteorological Institute precipitation and strong winds are forecast throughout the county on Sunday. In addition, an orange warning has been sent out about very strong gusts in Helgeland, Saltfjellet, Salten and Ofoten.

An orange warning for avalanches has also been sent out in Vesterålen, Lofoten, Ofoten and Salten, among others, according to

– Right now it is worst in the north of Nordland with both snow and wind. At the airport in Bodø, there is a stiff gale and heavy snow, says on-duty meteorologist in Storm Geo, Olav Krogsæter.

The storm is gradually heading north and will, according to the meteorologist this afternoon and evening, move towards Troms and partly West Finnmark.

– If you do not have to go out, it can be good to stay indoors because it will be quite hectic, says the meteorologist.

– The police in Nordland encourage everyone to take their precautions, both when it comes to loose objects, and whether it is necessary to embark on a longer drive, the police in Nordland write on Twitter.

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