Wednesday, January 19

Two buses taken by the wind in Nordland

On Sunday morning, a bus with 22 passengers blew off the road in Nordland. Then another bus was taken by the wind. Very strong winds and bad weather are reported in the area.

A bus blew off the road in Hadsel municipality in Nordland on Sunday, but no one was seriously injured. Police warn of difficult driving conditions, slippery and windy.

The case is being updated.

Strong winds have blown two buses off the road in Nordland – one in Hadsel and one in Hamarøy. No one is seriously injured. Police warn of difficult driving conditions.

One bus is in the ditch on the E10 by Myrland, according to Nordland police district. No injuries were reported.

– 22 passengers on board. Two passengers who complain of pain in the head / neck, reports the operations center, which states that all passengers are reported to be conscious and awake.

A new bus has arrived at the site and work is being done to get the passengers into it.

A person is transported to the emergency room in Svolvær for further check. The remaining passengers will be transported by bus to Evenes, the police write on Twitter.

Extremely bad weather conditions are reported on site.

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Bus ended up on the ground

Also on county road 81 in Hamarøy municipality, a bus blew off the road. There was the driver alone in the bus. No injuries have been reported.

It was one of Nordlandsbuss’ buses that blew off the road in Hamarøy, Fredrik Moe, operations director, informs Aftenposten. The storm will probably affect public transport throughout the day.

“There are also a number of closed ferry connections and bridges in the north, which set the terms for whether scheduled departures can be run,” Moe writes in an SMS.

He further states that the weather on all sections is assessed continuously, and he will not rule out settings beyond the day.

A number of ferry departures, and one bus departure, have already been canceled as a result of the storm, according to Travel Nordland.

Sent out extreme warning

Many closed roads and generally “a lot of weather” means that the police in Nordland ask people to take their precautions on Sunday. Among other things, the E10 Bjørnfjell is closed, and there is column driving on the E6 over Saltfjellet.

– The police in Nordland encourage everyone to take their precautions, both when it comes to loose objects, and whether it is necessary to embark on a longer drive, reports the operations center.

It has been sent out danger warning about strong winds for Helgeland, Saltfjellet, Salten, Ofoten and Troms. The wind is expected to decrease from Sunday afternoon and evening.

– Southeasterly strong gale or small storm 22 meters per. second exposed places with local gusts of 27-35 meters per. second, it is called.

There is also a significant risk of avalanches throughout northern Norway, as well as in parts of southern Norway.

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