Wednesday, January 19

Three victims of violence in Østerdalen – the police are looking for perpetrators

Three people have been subjected to violence at a private address in Tolga in Østerdalen last night, the police state in a press release on Sunday morning.

The police are looking for the perpetrator (s) and checkpoints have been set up at several roads in the area, they further state.

The Inland police district receives assistance from the Trøndelag police district for checkpoints on the border between the Inland and Trøndelag county.

Assignment leader Bjørn Lonkemoen in the Innlandet police district confirms to TV 2 that there is an armed police operation.

– We use all available resources and receive assistance from Trøndelag police district, says Lonkemoen.

The police will not comment on how many perpetrators there may be.

– What is the reason for the police arming themselves?

– That is the seriousness of the message. I can not comment on it further at the moment, says the assignment manager.

The police state that they are investigating the case technically and tactically, and are conducting several interrogations of witnesses. There is currently no more information the police can provide, but the police will provide more information during the day.

The task manager confirms that two people have been treated at the emergency room, but that the two are now out of the emergency room.

A tipper tells VG that the person in question was stopped at a petrol station by Ålen, and pictures of the registration number on cars must have been taken. Another tipper tells about roadblocks and searches in cars in the area around Tynset and Tolga.

(NTB/TV 2)

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