Monday, January 17

Thousands in illegal corona demonstrations in the Netherlands

According to the Dutch major newspaper The Telegraph Thousands took to the streets of Amsterdam on Sunday to protest the authorities’ handling of the country’s pandemic.

Local media report that most of the protesters followed the police order to leave the square outside the capital’s Rijksmuseum, but a small group ended up in confrontation with the police forces on the spot.

Hundreds of riot police were deployed, and water cannons were put on standby.

DEMONSTRATED: Thousands had dressed in white suits and masks to protest the country’s coronary restrictions. Photo: Peter Dejong

Since before Christmas, the Dutch have had to live with very strict coronary restrictions, which in practice means a full lockdown.

Among other things, it is not allowed to gather more than two people, if you are over 13 years old. Thus, the demonstration was described as illegal.

Among the protesters, there are several who are wearing white suits and masks with signs that say “It is not a dictatorship here”.

After leaving the square, the protesters continued through parts of the city center and the nearby Vondelpark park.

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