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This is how much students will receive per month in 2022

Fortunately, you do not need a bachelor’s degree in economics to understand scholarships and loans. Illustration image.

During the spring semester’s six months, students are paid an average of NOK 11,487 a month.

The sum includes both loans and scholarships and is an average of the payments from January to June.

As is well known, January has what we call the “large scholarship”, and therefore has a larger payment that raises the average.

Budget and money can be a little stressful when you are a student. Therefore, we go through the most important thing you need to know about the payouts in this case.

How to get 11,487 a month

To achieve this, we use the payments as a starting point:

  • January: 22,974 kroner
  • February-May: 8615 kroner
  • June: 11,487 kroner

As you can see, the four months in the middle have a slightly lower payout, but if you want to sit with 11,487 each month, the solution is surprisingly simple.

SINGLE? That’s how easy it is to get 11,478 kroner a month – the numbers go up easily. Graphics: Josefine Ytre-Eide Bjaarstad

Put half of the January big scholarship in a hidden account in your online bank. Then you are left with 11,487 kroner in January, and the same amount in a savings account.

Divided into four, the same number of months where you “only” get in excess of 8000 kroner, it will be 2872 kroner. If you give yourself the 2872 kroner in salary in addition to the payment from Lånekassen, you are left with 11,487 kroner every month.

Do you usually distribute the large scholarship throughout the semester?


You do not really have to stress about applying for scholarships and loans, because the deadline for the spring semester is 15 March 2022. But it is too late if you want to receive money already in January.

Therefore, you can apply for student support right now, and you do it here.

Illustration image

Requirements for getting / borrowing money

  • have admission to an education
  • pay semester fee
  • sign the agreement on scholarships and / or loans
  • have a valid account number. We will receive the account number when you apply, or you can update it on your pages afterwards.

In addition, the requirement is that your place of study confirms that you have admission and that you have registered for the exam.

Payment of loans and scholarships is on the 15th of each month.

Source: Lånekassen

How much can become a scholarship?

If you live at home, you are not entitled to a scholarship. But if you live away, NOK 50,543 of the loan can become a scholarship. This corresponds to exactly 40 percent of what you normally get paid during the semester: NOK 126,357.

However, this only applies if you pass the exam and degree, and at the same time have income and wealth below the limits.

Here you can read more about the difference between scholarships and loans.

PREGNANT? You are usually entitled to money if you have children while you are a student. Illustration image.

Extra needs

You may also want to check if you are eligible for additional scholarships. This applies to those with disabilities, and therefore can not work alongside their studies. Then you can get up to 3900 kroner extra every month. Read more about it here.

If you are expecting a child during the academic year, you can normally apply for a parental grant. There are some exceptions here and. Read more about it here.

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