Wednesday, January 19

There could be a major war here in January, NATO fears. It is one of ten crises that will affect 2022.

From Norway’s neighbor to the north to jihadists in Africa. Here you get an overview of which crises you should follow in the coming year.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Joe Biden may both risk having to deal with major conflicts in the time ahead.

“God made war so Americans can learn geography.”

It was written by the famous author Mark Twain in 1867. Over 150 years later, there is still little doubt that you will become well acquainted with the world map if you follow the crises of the globe.

But which will be most crucial for the coming year?

From Russia’s steep fronts with Ukraine and NATO to the desert city of Marib, smoldering extreme weather and the Taliban’s new Afghanistan.

These ten crises will affect 2022.

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