Wednesday, January 19

The sprinkler system did not work during a fire in the National Assembly in South Africa

One man has been arrested in connection with the fire in the parliament building in Cape Town in South Africa. Large parts of the building are damaged after the sprinkler system did not work.

It was the parliament building in Cape Town in South Africa that started burning on Sunday.

A man was arrested inside the parliament. He is still being questioned. We have opened a criminal case. He has been arrested and will be produced in court on Tuesday, police spokeswoman Thandi Mbambo said.

The plenary hall of the National Assembly was completely damaged in the fire on Sunday.

According to the BBC the man must be 51 years old.

The smoke came out of the National Assembly in South Africa on Sunday.

The President: – Terrible incident

The fire started early in the morning local time, and takes place the day after Desmond Tutu’s state funeral in St. George’s Cathedral near the National Assembly.

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa visited the site on Sunday, calling it a “terrible incident.”

He also said that the sprinkler system in the building had not worked as it should, and praised the fire crew who were quickly on site.

The National Assembly itself must have been more or less empty due to holidays, and no injuries have been reported. The fire is said to have started on the fourth floor and spread quickly. The entire National Assembly must be damaged.

Firefighters will now have control of the fire, but it can take several hours before it is completely extinguished due to carpets and wooden floors in the building.

This is the second fire in the building in less than a year. In March, there was also a fire due to an electrical fault, writes BBC.

Firefighters are trying to put out the fire in Cape Town on Sunday.

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