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The numbers that should worry Klopp: – City have to have a proper form float

SORRY: Jürgen Klopp apologized after the disappointing 0-1 loss to Leicester on Tuesday.

With twelve points up to Manchester City, Sunday’s meeting with Chelsea will be a potential battle of fate for Liverpool. And the numbers speak for themselves.

– I’m sorry, it was not our plan to give City the chance to run away, but if we play like tonight we do not have to think about catching City, said a frustrated Jürgen Klopp after the 0-1 loss away against Leicester . On Saturday, it became known that the manager is infected with corona and will miss today’s big match.

The statistics also show that Klopp has a point. Liverpool now stands with 41 points after a half-played series – and is thus on track for 82 points at this pace.

That score would only hold for league gold in one of the last ten seasons. Only Leicester have managed to win the league with so few points after 38 games during this period:

It does not help for Liverpool that the key players Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané travel to the African Championship after the potentially very decisive meeting with Chelsea at Stamford Bridge on 2 January.

– Liverpool is one point behind Chelsea, but they have a game to spare. That match at Stamford Bridge could be eliminated, says former Liverpool player Michael Owen.

– This is the Premier League and we have seen so many disputes and turnaround operations in recent years that it has never been decided, but City have to have a proper form dip, says former Everton player Ashley Williams, who is now a football expert at Football Daily.

– We know that there is a big gap, but we also know that we are able to close the gap and that is the plan, says Liverpool player Diogo Jota.

IMPORTANT: Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané will represent Egypt and Senegal in the African Championship respectively.

Manchester City have not conceded points since they suffered a very surprising 0-2 loss at home to Crystal Palace at the end of October, and have generally seemed superb for much of 2021. City have 11 wins in a row, after have fought for three new points in the dramatic meeting with Arsenal on Saturday (2-1).

– Even if Liverpool lose it, I think they are capable of a winning streak that Manchester City has now, but I do not think Chelsea can afford many more mistakes. I think they need four points in the next two games, says Owen.

Test matches:

In the Premier League, City have won 36 of 44 matches and scored a staggering 113 goals on the road last year. Manchester City took 27 points more than Liverpool in 2021 (110 against 83).

According to Manchester Evening News Manchester City have broken the following records among clubs this calendar year:

– There are many matches left. There are a lot of tough ones to play, says Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola about the title fight.

Even the bookmakers who are most pessimistic on behalf of Manchester City believe that there is over an 85 percent chance that the light blues will take the league gold.

– I will not believe anyone who says that it has been decided. Chelsea and Liverpool are exceptional. One is the Champions League winner and Liverpool have been our biggest rival for the last three or four years, says Guardiola.

For Chelsea, the problems are about to pile up. The London club has struggled with injuries all season, and after left-back Ben Chilwell was injured, the blue jerseys have only won three of seven games in the league – against Watford, Leeds and Aston Villa.

Against Brighton, Reece James also had to leave the field before half an hour had been played. The winger left Stamford Bridge on crutches and will probably be out for a while.

PROBLEMS: Reece James had to be helped off the pitch in the 1-1 draw against Brighton.

It also did not help that Andreas Christensen, who was already in for injured Thiago Silva, had to leave the field at the break.

Thursday was another tough day for Chelsea. First, the club announced that they have 145 million pounds – one and a half Lukaku if you will – in lost revenue despite the Champions League triumph in May.

Chelsea says in the press release, which is reproduced in among other things The Guardian, that they are dependent on financial support from the Roman Abramovich – owned company Fordstam Limited.

Later that day, an interview was also published in Italian Sky Sports where Romelu Lukaku was critical of the manager’s system.

– Tuchel has chosen to play with another system, but I do not give up. I am not happy with the situation, but I am a professional and can not give up now, says Lukaku.

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