Friday, January 28

The alleged abducted 20-year-old has recovered

Three people were subjected to violence in Tolga municipality in the hinterland on Sunday night. One of the three has been abducted by the suspects in the case, according to the police.

LAST: At midnight Monday night, police announced on Twitter that the 20-year-old has recovered. Police do not want to provide further information before Monday morning.

It was around 02 o’clock on Sunday night that the police were notified of the incident.

– Three people were subjected to violence at a private address. One of the three people was taken by the suspects, and the police are investigating the incident as a deprivation of liberty.

There are at least two suspects in the case, the Innlandet police district writes in a press release.

The police ask witnesses who have seen or heard something in connection with the incident to contact telephone 02800.

The police in the Interior confirm that they have requested assistance from other police districts, from «central team with more competence».

Keeps all possibilities open

– We work with motives and events and hope for more information throughout the evening. It is a matter of a deprivation of liberty and we must keep all possibilities open for the risk of victimization and what the outcome may be, says police attorney Vibeke Stolp Ekeland in the Innlandet police district.

She can not say if there is any connection between the perpetrators or the victim.

– Do you have any specific suspects?

– We have information we work with, but no one is charged per. now.

– Do you have information about where they may have gone?

– We have information in the case about some areas that they may have gone to that we are investigating further. But we can not say anything concrete about where it is now.

No serious injury to the other two

The incident must have taken place at a private address. The other two who were injured at the private address must not be seriously injured.

– According to the conditions, they are fine. It is so that there is no major damage to the others involved.

The online newspaper discusses what should be blood in the snow at the scene.

– This is something we are investigating now. We have secured traces that we analyze, but will not go into further details, Ekeland answers to Nettavisen.

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