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Test Ford Ranger MS-RT: Here they go for a little extra

After the pickup market was dominated by Japanese cars for many years, changes have taken place in recent years.

Isuzu has made a very successful comeback in Norway with the pickup D-Max. Volkswagen has come with Amarok – and Ford has for long periods been in first place with its Ranger.

It has probably been extra good to have, as Ford’s car sales until this year were in a fairly long slide. Lack of electrified cars made it tough, but the so-called commercial vehicles have compensated quite well for this. This year, Ford is set to become Norway’s third largest brand of vans, beaten only by Toyota and Volkswagen.

Ranger is thus a great success and this year Ford has taken new steps to secure that position, by launching these four special models: Raptor Special Edition, Stormtrak, Wolftrak and MS-RT.

You pay well for the styling package, but this is not an extravagant car.

Stands out well

Here is a bit of everything to choose from if you fancy a Ranger. The edition called MS-RT is the second most expensive of these. The starting price is quite a fresh 748,825 kroner. For that money you get a car that has been to the tuning / styling company MR-ST in Wales. They have been a Ford partner for many years and toughen up several of their models.

Here they have taken a Ranger Wildtrak as a starting point and then started tailoring for 180,000 kroner. The front is hand-built with carbon details around the grille and fog lights. The wheel arches are wide and accommodate 20-inch OZ Racing aluminum rims.

In addition, there are MS-RT side skirts and carbon details on the mirrors. A tough sports bar is also included. It’s all inspired by Ford’s M-Sport cars and if it’s not directly outspoken, it at least contributes to this Ranger standing out well from the more ordinary versions of the species.

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Ranger is a great success for Ford and has for long periods been Norway's best-selling pickup.

Ranger is a great success for Ford and has for long periods been Norway’s best-selling pickup.

Back seats?

Inside there is leather with orange contrast stitching. There are also MS-RT logos here and there, including a large “plaque” on the dashboard for those who should be in doubt that this is not a regular Ranger.

As a Double Cab, it costs just under 750,000 kroner. And in case you’re wondering: It’s like a van, on green signs. There are no rear seats hidden inside the rear doors. If you want it, you have to contribute several hundred thousand extra to the treasury.

Instead, you have a large room here that is well suited for luggage. The front seats are mounted so far back that even very long-legged people have plenty of space here. This is not always the case on van-registered cars.

There could have been rear seats here - instead, the space behind the front seats can do the job as extra luggage space.

There could have been rear seats here – instead, the space behind the front seats can do the job as extra luggage space.

The driving characteristics are surprising

By the way, the seats are very good. There is good support all the way, without it being too hard in any way. Here you can sit for many hours without getting tired. It is also hot in three steps here, at maximum it will be really good and warm. But we miss the heated steering wheel. Don’t Ranger owners deserve it too?

The interior is very similar to a car from Ford. The 8-inch infotainment screen works fine, but after Ford introduced the SYNC4 on its Mustang Mach-E, its predecessor SYNC3, which sits in the Ranger, feels old-fashioned. This applies to both size, graphics and not least usability.

If it’s been a few years since you last drove a pickup, the driving characteristics are likely to surprise you. Like most pickups, the Ranger has increasingly approached passenger cars in this area. The car is comfortable, even without a load. The long wheelbase contributes to very good motorway comfort, while the noise reduction is good.

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The driver environment could just as easily have been taken from a car, here a lot has happened with the pickups in recent years.

The driver environment could just as easily have been taken from a car, here a lot has happened with the pickups in recent years.

Withstands 80 centimeters of water

It is mostly over holes and bumps that you notice that the car is built for tough roofs. Then you feel that it is stiffer than passenger cars. Speed ​​dumps are best taken at moderate speeds.

The size is also evident in city driving and not least in parking lots. This Ranger is 5.28 meters long and 1.86 meters wide. The turning radius is solid. Here you need to plan a little. And cramped parking garages are simply a no-go zone. Both rims and wheel arches are dangerous.

You also notice the size of the terrain. Apart from that, this is a car you can get far with. The 4×4 system has both high and low series. The ground clearance is a solid 28.3 centimeters and you can wade in up to 80 centimeters of water. Then we guess most drivers give up before the car! Hill Descent control is a smart tool whether it is about driving slowly in demanding terrain, or downhills. Then the car locks at low speed and you can concentrate on steering it as best as possible.

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Ground clearance and 4x4 system invite for off-road driving as well.

Ground clearance and 4×4 system invite for off-road driving as well.

Electric roller cover

The Ranger had a 3.2-liter diesel engine under the hood for a long time. As is the trend with many now, Ford has gone down in volume. Under this high hood we find a 2-liter diesel of 213 horsepower and 500 Nm. It does a great job with a 10-speed automatic transmission. It is not directly agile, but the excess power is there when you need it. By the way, you do not have to stop by the petrol station too often, because here there is a diesel tank of as much as 80 liters.

At a time when you can forget the trailer and roof load on many cars, the Ranger is not surprisingly the stark opposite. You can pull 3.5 tons and have 80 kilos on the roof. Maximum payload capacity is over one ton, then you can also load heavy items on the plane.

By the way, it is equipped with an electric and lockable roller cover. Gold worth to protect the cargo, also to protect the planet itself when driving around with an empty car. But it costs a little extra, more precisely 18,500 kroner. By the way, the dimensions here are 1.48 x 1.57 meters.

Grill in size XXL, Ranger MS-RT looms well.

Grill in size XXL, Ranger MS-RT looms well.

Limited number

Of other accessories, the car has a so-called Plus package. This includes adaptive cruise control with collision warning, fatigue warning, automatic low / high beam and parking assistant. All this for 7,700 kroner. The trailer hitch costs 6,000 kroner extra.

Thus, the car ends up as it stands at 796,025 kroner. Lots of money for a two-seater pickup? Clearly! But here you pay to stand out from the crowd. Ford also states that it will only be produced in a limited number. This will probably prevent you from seeing too many others driving around in the same car as yourself.

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Engine and performance:

Engine: 2-liter diesel engine

Effekt: 213 hk / 500 Nm

0-100 km / h: 12.5 seconds

Top speed: 180 km / h

Consumption (WLTP): 0.90 liters / mil

Dimensions, weight and volume:

Length x width x height: 528 x 186 x 184 cm

Load plan: 1.48 x 1.57 meters

Weight: 2,340 pounds

Trailer weight: 3,500 kilos

Wheelbase: 3.22 meters

Ground clearance: 28.3 centimeters


Starting price: 568,825 kroner (Wildtrak)

Price test car: 796,025 kroner

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