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Swim star accuses danger of sexual assault

STRONG CLAIMS: Liliana Szilagyi during the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro almost five and a half years ago.

Hungarian swimming star Liliána Szilágyi (25) accuses the father of mental, physical and sexual abuse – and warns little sister Gerda (18) that he also “uses” her.

Butterfly specialist Liliána Szilágyi participated in the London 2012 Olympics as a 15-year-old and Rio de Janeiro five and a half years ago. She has won the Youth Olympics and took European Championship silver in 2016.

This summer, she stood over the Tokyo Olympics on the grounds that she needed more time to nurture her “body and soul”.

Now she has attracted tremendous attention in her home country and the world of swimming. The reason is that last week she publicly accused her father Zoltan Szilágyi (54) of mental, physical and sexual abuse against her and her mother.

– I was treated badly, often and unpredictably. He wanted to feel power over me, whether it was corporal punishment, threats or sexual abuse, she writes in the Instagram post she published five days ago.

Ifølge Daily News Hungary she has now been interviewed about it in the TV show “Elviszlek Magammal”, where she repeats the accusations against her father. According to the Hungarian major newspaper Glance was also her boyfriend Zsombor Lengyel and her grandparents in the program.

She says that the mother left her father in 2016, and that the two – mother and daughter – have now found each other to support each other “in everything”.

OL I RIO: Liliána Szilágyi i aksjon i OL semifinalen i 2016.

Zoltan Szilágyi, who has participated in three Olympics (1988, 1992 and 2000), works as a lawyer and was previously his daughter’s coach. He denies the allegations, which Liliána Szilágyi first published on Instagram. He states that she can not prove that he has ever abused her, her mother and sister.

According to he has announced in writing that he will resolve the case in the court system.

The Hungarian website Origo has published the father’s response to his eldest daughter, in which he writes, among other things: “You have been doing what you are now doing to me for six years. So far I have kept quiet. Now that you’ve mixed up your sister, I need to speak out – first and foremost – to the general public. After that, I will not defend or explain myself in the media, because how can I prove that I have never beaten or abused you, your mother or your sister. At the same time, this will be clarified in the legal proceedings of me. “

He points out that six years ago he stopped caring for Liliána Szilágyi and his mother, his then wife, financially.

– Both you and I know the cause, he writes – without elaborating.

He ends the “letter” addressed to “Dear Liliana” by asking her to take her mother’s surname instead of Szilágyi, as he has allegedly asked her before.

– Because I do not think it is appropriate for you or me that you call yourself Liliana Szilágyi.

The Hungarian Swimming Federation is said to have started an investigation based on the allegations of Liliána Szilágyi, who claims that her father has abused her – mentally, physically and sexually – from the time she was a little girl until five or six years ago.

Sister Gerda Szilágyi (18), who still trains under her father Zoltan and became Hungarian champion in backstroke in 2021, last Friday partially denied the big sister’s allegations in a so-called open letter conveyed by the Hungarian news site Index. However, she mostly agrees with – and is “furious” about – the president of the Hungarian federation, who according to Gerda Szilágyi with her investigations commits a character assassination of her father.

She claims that her father has never forced anyone to do anything, and that as a member of the family since 2003 (her year of birth) she would have noticed if anyone in it had been abused.

Yesterday, Liliána Szilágyi’s sister responded on Instagram, in writing and with telling and strong photos of herself – among others one where she has closed her own mouth with duct tape.

“My dear little sister! Gerda! (…) I’m sorry if you do not understand why this is happening now … and most of all I’m sorry our father uses you and your name as a shield, just like he used to use me. This is not your shame! ”, Writes Liliána Szilágyis to her seven year younger sister.

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